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Activated carbon - 30 gr

Activated carbon - 30 grs - Anaé

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Vegetable activated carbon has an excellent adsorption capacity, which in particular gives it very interesting purifying and detoxifying properties. In cosmetics, it is used as an active ingredient in masks, soaps, cleansing or exfoliating products to eliminate impurities and pollutants. Jar of 30 grams.

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Utiliser du charbon actif

Known since Antiquity for its multiple uses as detoxifying, decontaminating and purifying, active coal has many natural cosmetic and pharmaceutical uses. Plant coal is the most effective of known natural detoxifiers.

Its detoxifying and purifying properties are very used in cosmetics. It can be used as active in masks, soaps, washing or exfoliating products to eliminate pollutants and impurities.

Its intense black color and 100% of vegetable origin also allows to make pretty marbling in your soaps "house", and can also enter into the manufacture of your makeup products.

Considered as a grandmother's remedy, this active charcoal has its place in our daily life thanks to its varied applications: teeth whitening, purifying face mask, cosmetic coloring, habitat deodoriser or to neutralize toxins of our body. It draws its great absorption capacity through its porous and light structure. Plant coal is also a very effective remedy against intestinal disorders, stomachaches and gastroenteritis. A small cure and you will quickly find intestinal comfort, better digestion, good breath,... What to take care of your body through its powerful natural detoxification capabilities.


Active carbon 100% vegetable
Anaé Coal is obtained by calcination of coconut hulls, then heat-activated in the presence of water vapour, without the use of chemicals unlike many active coals. The Coconut shell produces a very fine pore charcoal, which allows it to be the most effective for adsorbing gases as well as liquids, but also heavy metals, hydrocarbons, chlorides, etc. Coconut coal also has a density greater than charcoal obtained from soft wood, cellulose residues or oil residues. Its absorbing power is 25 times higher than that of the ash. It is possible to get active charcoal from all kinds of carbon-rich organic matter, but the coconut shells are the one that gives the highest quality of coal, especially at the level of its adsorption capacity but also at the level of the different parameters measuring the quality of the coal and its efficiency.

A simple process that guarantees the preservation of properties and healthy use of coal: impurity absorption, cosmetic coloring, digestive discomfort, mouth and teeth care... but also deodorizing in the house.


Perfect absorption capacity
The Anaé Active Charcoal owes its properties to its incredible absorption capacity due to its extremely porous surface (a bit like a sponge) at the microscopic scale. By a physical phenomenon, the negative ions of the contaminants are firmly attached to the surface of the coal. This absorption capacity allows to trap pollutants, contaminants, ... Active coal is known to adsorb chemicals, drugs, narcotics, heavy metals, synthetic hormones, pesticides, but also toxins produced by certain plants, insect or snake poisons, or some bacteria, such as staphylococcus and salmonella, and even some viruses. Coal being hydrophobe, it will not adsorb water. On the other hand, it is also capable of absorbing gas, which is particularly worth its internal efficiency against flatulence.


Le charbon actif pour le blanchiment des dent

Benefits and properties of activated carbon Anaé
- Powerful adsorbent and detoxifying, it helps to capture the pollutants and toxins that accumulate in the skin: environmental pollutants, chemical residues from cosmetics, but also toxins excreted by the skin
- Purifying, it soothes the skin and adsorbs bacteria responsible for certain infections (action known on staphylococcus)
- intense black vegetal colour, effective at low dose
- Detoxifying and purifying, assainits the mouth
- Neutralize the bad breath
- Helping toxins, pollutants, chemical residues of drugs, narcotics, pesticides, heavy metals, poisons...
- Reduce intestinal gas, bloating and flatulence
- Adsorbent and purifying: soothes water and air
- Neutralizes bad smells, especially in the refrigerator
- Adsorbs the gases, especially those produced by certain fruits that accelerate ripening: thus allows to slow down ripening and rotting fruit.
- Certified COSMOS Natural by ECOCERT GREENLIFE, according to the COSMOS repository


Examples of use of activated carbon

Detoxifying mask:Mix 3 tablespoons of green clay, 1/4 teaspoon of activated charcoal, 1 teaspoon of organic honey with water to obtain a homogeneous paste. Apply immediately and let pose 5 to 10 minutes depending on the sensations. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. If necessary, apply a hydrolat as a supplement.

Teeth whitening:Put some active charcoal on your toothbrush and rub like a classic brush. Rinse your mouth. Repeat 3-4 times a week.

Purify tap water: Just dive 2 teaspoons of activated charcoal coffee in a bottle or a pichet that you have filled with tap water (prefer the glass more neutral than plastic) and leave it at the bottom between 6 and 8 hours.

Against the bad smells:Active coal has excellent absorption capacity. It will perfectly capture and neutralize the smells of trash, litter or shoes.

Fertilize plants:You can also place the charcoal in the pots of the plants of your home, underground in your garden: it is an excellent fertilizer, or compost.


Certification:COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the standard COSMOS repository


Dimensions:208 mm x 120 mm

Accédez à notre dossier sur l'utilisation et l'emploi de l'insecticide 4J

His composition :Active charcoal 100% vegetable - Designation INCI : 100% charcoal powder


Packaging :Recyclable PP pot of 30 grs


Precautions of employment :Don't inhale. Don't interfere. Don't look in the eye. Keep out of reach of children. The coal is light and volatile: open the pot delicately. Close well after use. Keep at room temperature, protected from moisture and light.

Labels / certifications
Labels / certifications
30 g
What you need for:
Bleaching teeth
What you need for:
Detoxifying mask
Active coal

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Activated carbon - 30 grs - Anaé

Vegetable activated carbon has an excellent adsorption capacity, which in particular gives it very interesting purifying and detoxifying properties. In cosmetics, it is used as an active ingredient in masks, soaps, cleansing or exfoliating products to eliminate impurities and pollutants. Jar of 30 grams.

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