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Bee wax lip balm and organic consumm - 5 grs - Grain

Organic beeswax and comfrey lip balm - 5 grs - Grain

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The Grain lip balm takes care of the fragile skin of your lips thanks to camelina oil, organic beeswax and organic comfrey. A very effective protective, nourishing and restorative treatment. Stick of 5 grs.

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Gamme de produits Grain

External attacks such as climate, pollution or makeup damage the lips that dry and crack.

Thanks to its formula protector, nourishing and restorative based on organic bee wax, ofCameline oil,excerpt, associated with the benefits of sunflower oil (which plays the role of emollient by softening and softening the skin), your lips regain all their flexibility and absolute comfort.


Lip skin is very sensitive. It does not contain sebaceous glands that secrete protective sebum and is protected only by a thin corneal layer. For this reason, the thin skin of the lips sometimes tends to dry or crack. It needs specific protection, especially in extreme climatic conditions in summer or winter.

This lip balm allows permanent hydration of this area where the skin is particularly fragile.

This is Lip balmis made with full respect of the ingredients that compose it by Anaïs, creator of the company Grain. A comprehensive, ethical, artisanal approach, respecting the environment, from production to transformation.

- Organic consumption is cultivated on a living soil in Brittany
- The French cameline oil is first cold pressure developed by Daniel (centre of France)
- The organic bee wax is from Belle Island to Sea participating in the preservation of Brittany's black bee
- Label, glue and packaging are 100% recyclable, plant ink
- The transformation is crafted and made cold to preserve the assets of plants
- Drying and maceration are solar, safe from UV


This lip balm is only developed from precious vegetable oils, beeswax, and organic consummation, which keeps it hydro-lipidic balance and makes it a true care for the lips on a daily basis. It is without added fragrance, without essential oil. It is suitable for children and the most fragile skins.

And unlike products equivalent to paraffine base, (which tend to dry and which require frequent applications) this balm will not cause an ‘dependence’ effect.


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Actifs Cameline, cire d'abeille et extrait de consoudeCameline oil
Also referred to as "Sesame of Germany" or "Lin Bâtard", the Cameline is an herbaceous plant of 80 cm high with small pale yellow flowers. Its oil is extracted from the seeds and very rich in omega-3 and omega-6. She's known for ses properties regenerating, repairing, but also soothing. Softening, it softens the epidermis and brings elasticity to the skin. This is a dry oil. So she's rstonically absorbed and does not leave any fat film on the skin. Rich in antioxidant (vitamin E and phytosterols), it fights the effects of cell aging.Caline vegetable oiltherefore offers this lip balm many benefits and especially sensitive skins. This oil is produced by Daniel in the center of France. It produces its plants, collects its seeds, then press. He received the mention "slow cosmetic 2018" for this oil.

Organic bee wax
In cosmetics, beeswax has many virtues. Rich in vitamin A, it moisturizes the skin while protecting it from sun, cold or wind. It is also soothing and healing for trouble-prone or sensitive skin. Bee wax also has excellent restorative virtues. The one composing this lip balm is produced by Christian's black bees, organic beekeeper in Belle-Île en Mer. It allows you to restore flexibility and comfort to your lips dried or slender.

The macerat of organic consoude
The word "consoude" comes from the Latin term "consolidare" which means "consolidate", because of its powerful regenerative action on the connective tissues of the skin. This herbaceous plant has the ability to extend its roots up to 1.5 meters deep, allowing it to draw the nutrients it needs in the deepest. This plant is naturally rich in goose, a molecule found in many cosmetic products but often in synthesized form. The Altoin has the virtues of being soothing, anti-irritating, moisturizing, softening, healing and above all a very powerful cell regenerating. The macerat is made with the vegetal oil of cameline for 1 month and then be filtered. This macerate of comfort allows the lip balm to moisturize and soften the skin.

Terms of Use
Push down the tube. Apply the balm evenly to the lips. Renew the operation as soon as you wish. Keep away from heat.

His composition
Cameline oil, organic bee wax*, organic consumption leaf extract*, Tournesol oil, vitamin E.


Ingredients INCI
Camelina Sativa Seed Oil, Cera Alba*, Symphytum Officinale leaf Extract*, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Tocopherol

*Ingredients from organic farming


Packaging: Stick with 5 grs (9 ml).


Conservation time:12 months after opening.


Anaïs Bouilly, créatrice de la gamme de cosmétiques GrainAbout the brand GRAIN (Artisanale Engagé)

GRAIN is a committed brand that offers cosmetics made in the north of Rennes, Brittany by Anaïs.

The principle: common sense and life!

- Medicinal plants grown on living soil (no chemical used) in Guipel (35)
- Plantation, harvesting, hand-processing
- Drying and sun maceration (without UV)
- Cold transformation to conserve plant assets
- Additional ingredients from independent French producers
- 100% recyclable packaging
- FSC printed label, vegan glue, renewable energy machines.
Don't need a label to do things right!

5 gr

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Performant et emballage respectant l'environnement

Habituée à commander sur ce site, j'ai tenté ce baume, alors que j'utilisais une marque assez connue en produits naturels commençant par la lettre W et j'avais envie de changer... Je ne suis pas déçue ! L'emballage cartonné surprend au départ, mais je trouve que cela donne un côté artisanal sans artifice. La texture est onctueuse mais pas grasse, le produit s'étale facilement et rempli ses fonctions comme décrites. J'en suis très satisfaite. Il faut juste pousser au lieu de tourner le stick, comme la plupart du temps; afin que le produit sorte. En revanche pour rentrer le bâton, il faut le faire avec le doigt ou la bouche à la fin de l'application, mais ce n'est pas un inconvénient, juste une habitude à prendre.


tout bon !

Texture agréable, lèvres durablement hydratées.
Et , en plus, l'emballage est en carton !

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Organic beeswax and comfrey lip balm - 5 grs - Grain

The Grain lip balm takes care of the fragile skin of your lips thanks to camelina oil, organic beeswax and organic comfrey. A very effective protective, nourishing and restorative treatment. Stick of 5 grs.

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