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100% natural anti-supply bait box – 10 gr – Kapo Green

100% natural anti-supply bait box – 10 gr – Kapo Green

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This is anti-supplied bait gel Kapo Green contains a very attractive food bait and a powerful natural active ingredient, Spinosad. Effectively and sustainably fight ants inside and around the house. Box of 10 gr.

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Huile anti-fourmi contre les fourmisSpinosad is a fermented product derived from the mixture of two toxins (spinosyne A and D) secreted by a bacteria living in the soil: Saccharopolyspora spinosa. Spinosad is not toxic to mammals, birds, fish and crustaceans. It is however very toxic to bees.
Spinosad is an insecticide (larvicide). It is a mixture of toxins produced by a bacteria present in the soil. The spinosad works quickly by contact and ingestion on insects. It has recognized and tested properties against ants.


The principle of this anti-provider box
The ants, attracted to the bait, ingested the natural poison contained in the gel. The ants are paralysed gradually, leaving them time to contaminate their congeners. The antil is eradicated in 4 weeks.

The strengths of the 100% natural anti-switch gel box
+ Can be placed on the floor but also in a closet, a shelf, ...
+ The box allows to have no contact with the product
+ The product is about 48h after bait ingestion
+ Destroys the nests in 4 weeks
+ It is used inside as in the vicinity of the house.


Did you know?

The ant is a social animal that shares with its sisters. The ants practice what is called trophallaxia, or the fact for ants to regurgitate for other ants the content of their second stomach, the social jabot. This habit allows to feed the inhabitants of the anthill but also to spread information about the source of food through the pheromones embodied during the trophallaxy. This characteristic of ants is used to fight this insect. The spinosad contained in this gel is routed to the forage.


How to use the anti-supplied bait gel Kapo Green
Break the 3 plastic snails to release the openings. Place the box preferentially outside around the buildings, places frequented by ants and each nest entrance. A box can cover up to 3.3 m2. Respect recommended doses of employment. The product is effective about 48 hours after the ingestion of the bait. Check the baits every week. Renew the treatment the following month if necessary. In case of high infestation, you can use several boxes. For application on a vertical or difficult access surface (e.g. window edges), it is best to use the tube anti-fourmis Kapo Green.

Composition of anti-spam gel Kapo Green: Spinosad: 0.1% (m/m) CAS n°168316-95-8 - Product Biocide TP18: contact insecticide and ingestion.

Precautions of employment
Don't open the box. Nocif for aquatic organisms results in long-term adverse effects. Keep out of reach of children. Collect the widespread product. Avoid rejection in the environment. Eliminate content/recipient as a hazardous product in accordance with local, national or international regulations. Follow strict conditions of individual hygiene: Do not eat, drink, smoke during the handling of the product and wash hands after use. Do not dispose of the product near foodstuffs. Do not apply in places accessible to children, pets or other non-target animals to minimize the risk of poisoning. Do not use in places where insectivores can feed on processed ants. Do not apply in areas not connected to a rainwater collection network (trees). For first aid instructions, contact the nearest anti-poison center. Contains CMIT/MIT and benzisothiazolinone. Can produce an allergic reaction.

For more information on the ant, please consult our thematic file.

Types of insects
Creeping insects
Ready for employment
Application mode

Specific references


Data sheet and security

FDS Anti-sprout gel box 100% natural Kapo Green

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In stock



Très bien

Depuis la pose de cette boîte, les fourmis ont disparues. Merci !



Totalement inefficace contre les fourmis qui évitent la boîte

Le Guennec

Ne fonctionne pas

Apparemment, cela ne fonctionne pas sur la fourmilière qui ne se trouve dans une poutre de notre grenier. J'ai mis l'appât sur le passage en bas à l'intérieur du grenier et il y a toujours un passage de fourmis.



N'ayant pu éradiquer par moi-même l'invasion des fourmis, il m'a été conseillé cet appât. C'est un produit d'une utilisation simplissime et très efficace. Livraison rapide. Quel soulagement !

Bernard L

boîte fourmi

Un classique qui fonctionne très bien. ET surtout avec une matière active naturelle.


Boîte anti fourmis




Très bien, ça fonctionne pour moi

Penntybio .

Réponse de Penn'Ty Bio

Attention, ce gel appât formicide est composé de spinosad, matière active naturelle qui n'agit pas immédiatement sur la fourmi. Ce poison naturel paralyse progressivement la fourmi, ce qui permet d'atteindre le cœur de la fourmilière et de la détruire en 4 semaines environ. Votre achat (environ 10 jours) est trop récent pour donner une conclusion définitive. Boîte à placer sur les endroits de passage et attendre plusieurs semaines avant d'obtenir des résultats concluants.
Penn'Ty Bio

Mathilde B


Pas efficace du tout



Contente de cet achat. La fourmilière n'existe plus ... en tout cas, je ne les vois plus et c'est ce que je voulais.



Semble avoir été efficace



Je ne voulais plus utilisé d'insecticide chimique de type fipronil ou Imidaclopride. Le spinosad me semblait être la bonne solution. ça a très bien fonctionné. Je suis content du résultat.

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100% natural anti-supply bait box – 10 gr – Kapo Green

This is anti-supplied bait gel Kapo Green contains a very attractive food bait and a powerful natural active ingredient, Spinosad. Effectively and sustainably fight ants inside and around the house. Box of 10 gr.

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