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4 Hooks anti-mites textile protection - L'Otentik

4 Anti-moth hooks for textile protection - L'Otentik

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These moth hooks have a preventive and curative effect. Thanks to their immediate effectiveness, they protect your wardrobe, your drawers or your bags. Bag of 4 units.

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Cible mites des vêtements

The mites, we all had them in our closets or cabinets one day or another. But they are not a fatality. Discover first 100% natural and ecological anti-mite hook to protect your textiles.

These crochet hooks made in France are to be placed in your closets, drawers, bags, wardrobes, wardrobes, dressing. They will be dreadful of efficiency to:

- Avoid that the mites of the clothes come to install

- Fearing away the ones that have made him

The active principle of these square brackets is géraniol which was impregnated on a 100% natural support at 0.95%. Its duration of action is 3 months.

Parasite / Target: Repulsive hooks against mites of clothing (Attention, this will not work on the food machine).


The Geraniol

Also called Rhodinol, the Géraniol is naturally present in the form of a molecule in the family of géraniaaceae. (Geranium, Pelargonium, Erodium, ...)
It is considered 5 times more powerful than lemongrass (which was removed from the list of insecticides authorized by the European Directive).

It is obtained by fractional distillation from Cympobogon Winterianus Jowitt by extracting all impurities without any chemical means.

Géraniol is one of the best larvaicides in the market. Its impregnation on the hooks gives it a strong repulsive effect.


The + of these anti-mite hooks
+ Immediate action with 3 months of efficiency
+ 100% natural and biodegradable support (without chemical binding of 3 wood essences)
+ For wardrobes, drawers, bags
+ Géraniol impregnated product
Spirale avec support 100% naturel et biodégradable+ No nocif
+ Direct use in your closets or dressing
+ Proven laboratory effectiveness
+ Biocide classification TP19 - Solid domestic repellant


Did you know?
Mites of clothing (papers) do not directly deteriorate textiles. These are their eggs buried near them that are problematic because the larvae, to feed themselves, are grazing textile fibres and making them a cocoon.

Crochet Ecomit - Efficacité prouvée en laboratoire


For what use?
These hooks are to hang in your wardrobes, closets or drawers. Finally, all places where there is the presence of mites of clothing. It is recommended to use 1 hook for a small closet, drawer or linen bag, then 2 to 3 hooks for a large closet.


Direction of employment
Pendry use: Hang on the pin of the wardrobe 1 to 2 hooks depending on the size of the closet.

Use of drawer or bag: Place 1 hook in each drawer or linen bag.

Replace the hooks after 3 months of use.

Tips to limit the presence of mites in your closets

In order to combat mites, rather than hunt them, one can begin by limiting factors that facilitate their installation and putting in place certain simple preventive actions by:

- cleaning infested closets with great care as well as closets and washing clothes. Clean and have regular closets and clothes.
- Avoiding mites from outside, you can put mosquito nets on your windows or at the door of the room. Make sure to pass through any cracks, cracks in the partitions and clean up the "hidden" or intermediate spaces (double partitions, false floor or flat, ...).


Composition: Mixture of wood fibres without chemical or natural binding.
Active substance:Contains Geraniol (CAS No. 106-24-1). Concentration of active biocide TP19: 0.95% (m/m) of the impregnated part 25 mg of Géraniol


Duration of action: 3 months per crochet according to usage conditions.


Precautions of employment
If a doctor is consulted, keep the container or label available. Keep out of reach of children. Read the label before use. Keep away from food and beverages, including those for animals. Do not use for use other than for which the product is intended. Eliminate empty darts packaging. Use biocides with precautions and if necessary appropriate protection.


Packaging:Supplied in a waterproof bag containing 4 hooks


Deadline for use:3 years

For more information on textile mites, please consult our special folder.



Types of insects
Flying insects
Ready for employment
Application mode
Put on clothes

Specific references




naturel et efficace.



Carton imprégné à voir dans le temps

Maxence L

Je doute de l'efficacité réelle du produit

Ne sent rien et ne repousse pas les mites : une semaine après en avoir posé un dans mes chaussures, j'ai trouvé une mite dessus. De l'argent perdu...



Convaincu par ce crochet fixé sur ma barre de cintre. Une solution naturelle pour tenir à distance les mites. J'approuve.

Monique Montin

crochets anti-mites textiles ECOMIT

Franchement génial ! sans odeur et prend si peu de place !! du jamais vu !!

barbara g

Mites de textile

Ça à l'air d'être très efficace, attendons encore un peu pour une opinion définitive.


Crochets anti-mites textiles ECOMIT

Je suis très satisfaite de ce produit.

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4 Anti-moth hooks for textile protection - L'Otentik

These moth hooks have a preventive and curative effect. Thanks to their immediate effectiveness, they protect your wardrobe, your drawers or your bags. Bag of 4 units.

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