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Oriculi : Ecological earring in bioplastic - Lamazuna

Oriculi : ecological ear cleaner in bioplastic - Lamazuna

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Adopt your new zero waste accessory guaranteed for life! Here is our Oriculi in bioplastic 100% biosourced and made in France! You all know the cotton swab of course! Maybe not the Oriculi yet? Well, this invention will easily and sustainably replace the cotton swab. Small colored bioplastic rod, this ecological ear cleaner is reusable for life. Tempting isn't it?

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Oriculi : Cure-oreilles écologique LamazunaIt's pretty basic and simple, but still had to think about it! This ingenious instrument comes from japon and china, where it is used by the whole population. It is an eco-friendly ear cleaner that will replace the lifeless sticks !

The best way to reduce waste in the bathroom and save you: Adopt the oriculi !

If you know the bamboo version, the manufacturer Lamazuna has made it evolve to offer it in organic soured, 100% biodegradable and made in france. This high-performance and durable material is a polymer derived from the castor oil. its comfort sphere and its small spoon have been thought to facilitate its grip and use, you will love! besides being healthy and durable, this material is not dangerous for children and oriculi is available in 5 different colors: one for each family member!


Oriculi : Nettoyeur d'oreilles écologique bioplastique Lamazuna

The benefits of this bioplastic oriculi
- protects your ears and avoids cork formation
- ecological, economic and sustainable
- organic composition syruped with cycin oil
- 100% biodegradable
- has both solid, flexible and non-breaking
- 5 colors: each his oriculi
- is very easily maintained
- made in france
- life guarantee


What does that mean ?
If biosoured contains the organic word, it doesn't necessarily mean that the material is derived from organic farming. That means that it comes from renewable resources. in this oriculi, the chosen biosoured material is the caster oil. this plant grows every year without difficulty. The ricin used for the design of our oriculi is a traditional plant that grows indens on semi-arid soils with a low water need. it is cultivated via a sustainable indebt stream. Indeed, the supplier of our raw material has committed to a sustainable cultivation program of the cask seed to support more than 2,700 growers.


Why a 100% bioplastic ?
Initially, we wanted to find a 100% bioplastic that is bio-soured and biodegradable. bioplastics are relatively new and still developing materials by many suppliers. tested materials that met these two criteria (100% biosoured and biodegradable) did not match our technical constraints. Moreover, biodegradability tests are often performed on very thin sections of nearly 0.1mm. They therefore do not guarantee the biodegradability of larger objects like our oriculi.

We then decided to move towards a 100% bioplastic that is 100% biosoured and sustainable, in order to offer you a secure object and keep alive! in the event of premature end of life (the badly uncomfortable mass), we chose to turn to the circular economy, that is, the material used will be recycled and revalued! no waste !


Is it 100% French ?
Our Oriculi is entirely made in France. Our bioplastic comes from 100% ricin, cultivated via a sustainable indeed stream and whose seed processing is done in france. then he arrives at our plastics office at 250 km from our seat. the latter, with whom we worked form 3d, made the injection mould in its own premises. This type of equipment represents an investment of approximately €30,000, a cost 20% higher than a tooling made in China. this choice has a cost but it is important to us, both to minimize our carbon footprint and to maintain French know-how.


User advice
Use the small spoon of our oriculi to remove the visible cerumen from the ear only. No need to go further, the cerumen is an asset since it protects the tympan, so as to keep it as long as it is not inesthetic.

Moreover, unlike the wrinkled sticks, the Oriculi prevents the formation of a cap. Rinse your oriculi after use with clear or soapy water as needed, and dry it with the corner of your towel.


The risks of using cotton rods

The cotton-tige pushes to the depth of the hearing duct the cerumen which usually is evacuated naturally towards the exit (by the simple movements of your jaw: when you bake, when you chew ...). There is then a risk of cerumen cork. mushrooms, bacteria and external ear virus are also pushed into the ear and can cause infections, which are extremely painful. He is also criticized for being responsible for eczema in the duct following repeated friction on the skin. It is also important to mention the risk of tympanum trauma as long as penetration is too deep.

So many reasons that should convince you to move onOriculi.


Does it work on children ?
You can quite use the oriculi for the cleaning of the children's ears, but it will have to be manipulated in the calm, by an adult, quiet. Use the comfort sphere to hold your fingers in order to create a stop that will prevent the instrument from reaching the tympanum in the event of abrupt movement of the child.



Did you know ?
The biodiversity law adopted on July 20, 2016 prohibits plastic cotton-genders. it has been applicable since 1 January 2020. It's time to go to the oriculi !


Our opinion:Efficient and without waste. an indispensable in the bathroom. Trying it is adopting it !


Composition:100% bioplastic biosoured from ricin oil. Oriculi is a name invented and filed by the brand Lamazuna.


Length:10 cm


Packaging:Oriculi delivered in a small recycled and recyclable cardboard box. Each order contains 1 oriculi. If you order two or more we will be careful to select different colors.


Lamazuna : an economic range and zero waste

Products Lamazuna are "economic". their goal: to minimize the waste in the bathroom and to make good savings !

Vegan ingredients:The ingredients of the range of solid cosmetics are 100% natural. Either it are minerals or plants, in this case they choose them labeled organic. They have also taken the lead since 2010 to offer only vegan products. reflecting every day on innovative and safe products for health and the environment, Lamazuna wishes to begin a change in the world. their products therefore contain no matter of animal origin. Moreover, the cruelty free mention attests that they are not tested on animals.

Zero waste:Without plastic, their products have no impact on the environment. packagings are compostable, as printed in plant ink and, when the finished product does not have the ability to be composted, such as toothbrush heads, a partnership with terracycle allows them to recycle them in full.

A French craftsmanship:Their products are designed and appointed to walk in their offices, with the help of their betting-based graphic designer. their solid products are then developed in the south of the france and they use French suppliers whenever possible.

Natural ingredients:They use natural and organic products. their slow cosmetic mention attests to the ethics of their products, whether in their natural formulation or in the environmental choices they make.

Biodegradable products:In addition to offering a range of solid and durable products that keep themselves alive, they have made the choice to sell their products in bulk or packed with recyclable and/or biodegradable materials to limit the environmental impact.


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Oriculi : ecological ear cleaner in bioplastic - Lamazuna

Adopt your new zero waste accessory guaranteed for life! Here is our Oriculi in bioplastic 100% biosourced and made in France! You all know the cotton swab of course! Maybe not the Oriculi yet? Well, this invention will easily and sustainably replace the cotton swab. Small colored bioplastic rod, this ecological ear cleaner is reusable for life. Tempting isn't it?

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