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Mini Bulk Cleaner Glove Ø10 cm - Penntybio

Mini glove to remove bulk Ø10 cm - washable and reusable - Anaé

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Mini-glove for 2 fingers in GOTS certified organic cotton, designed for gentle cleansing of the face. Ideal for removing makeup or washing your baby. Sold by the piece. Size: 10cm.

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Mini gant à démaquiller, lavable et réutilisable

Disposable cottons run a bad cotton
Habits have a hard life:) You have been taught for years that you had to unmask in the morning and evening, and most often with cotton. For some years, the waste related to this massive use of cotton discs has been questioning. Cotton is much more valuable than we imagine. In any case may be too valuable to throw it after only use, what do you say? Did you know that we would use on average – especially women – six cottons a day, 180 per month and more than 2100 per year?

After the revolution of solid cosmetics and the trove of reusable menstrual panties... the era of disposable cotton seems to reach its end. An alternative exists: the washable and reusable mini-gant.

For a long time, the cleaning accessory of our grandmothers returns in force. Except in this version, you will not put your hand in full, but only 2 or 3 of your fingers. This is 100% organic cotton mini-gant is a good alternative for a natural cleansing or to take care of baby skin. It is small (Ø10 cm) and its cut allows an easy grip to access all the corners of the face (under the eyes, in the grooves of the nose, etc.).

Easy to use, for a smooth removal: slip your fingers (except the inch) into the mini-gant masking, moisturize and clean your face as usual with a solid masker, a cold soap or simply with water.

Use it also to apply a hydrolat or tonic after skin cleansing.

By going to the mini-gant 100% washable and reusable cotton, it is therefore possible to limiting waste production Is that so? You are also an actor/driver of this change.


Les + de ce mini-gant à démaquiller
+ Finish waste: mini-gant washable and reusable
+ Ideal format to simply slide 2 fingers (or 3 depending on the size of your hand)
+ Do not slide your fingers during the application (unlike a de-maquiller disc)
+ Perfect for removal, application of tonics, lotions or disembarkation of children/babies
+ 100% organic cotton for smooth cleaning
+ Machine washable
+ Sold individually and without packaging
+ Certified GOTS
+ Made in Turkey in a small factory


Effectiveness and practicality
Disposable cottons are rather soft and effective to clean your face. It is often necessary to use several to get rid of the entire makeup. Due to 2 or 3 cottons at each de-maquillage, the stock can very quickly get exhausted. While with the mini-driver, once you’ve composed your stock of washable mini gloves (6 to 8, it’s ample), the more you need to think about it or renew it for years! Just slip them into the washing machine regularly along with your clothes.


Comment utiliser le mini-gant à démaquiller ?

How to use this mini glove?
Even without making makeup, it is important to clean up well in the evening before bed to eliminate the impurities accumulated on the skin during the day. It is used only in addition to water or your usual masking: solid cleansing, cold soap, vegetable oils...

Place your fingers (except the thumb) in the glove and pass on your face with the desired face. The sponge side, very absorbent or the soft side, allow to vary the usages according to the needs. Suitable for the whole family, for the skin of babies, children and adults.


Our maintenance tips
For extended use, rinse the glove with clear water after use. A 30°C machine passage is sufficient, preferably in a net bag. Maximum 60°C. Programme at 40° if you plan to put soda percarbonate in your machine to whiten the linen. Free air drying is recommended. Avoid the dry linen. Wash before first use.

Re-white your cotton mini gloves: After the de-maquillage, it happens that your cotton mini gloves lose a bit their original color. Nothing simpler to solve: put 1 tablespoon of soda percarbonate and 1 tablespoon of soda bicarbonate in boiling water. From the first bouillons, remove the pan from the fire because it will rise very quickly. Dive your cotton to whiten and let them rest for one night. The next day, put them in the machine at the usual cycle. Like new!


This mini-brush is made of 100% organic cotton and certified GOTS. This certification issued by Ecocert ensures the biological status of the textile fibres used, and ensures that since the production of the raw materials until the production of the finished article, the production processes used are socially responsible and environmentally friendly. This standard covers all stages of the production of a textile article: processing, packaging, labelling, export, import and distribution of natural fibre products.


Its characteristics
Dimensions:10 x 8 x 0.4 cm
Materials:100% cotton from controlled organic crops
Maintenance: Washable at 60°C

Labels / certifications
Labels / certifications
Labels / certifications
Global organic textile standard (gots)

Specific references




Pratique pour se démaquiller. Il faut tout de même un peu de démaquillant pour le maquillage tenace. Bonne alternative aux cotons polluants.

Julie H

Très pratique

hyper pratique, pas cher et envoi très rapide. Je recommande à 100%

Christine T

Hyper pratique

Je trouve ça plus pratique que les disques lavables car on peut glisser ses doigts dans le gant. Et comme il est petit, on peut bien nettoyer le visage. Je le rince directement après avec un peu de savon et comme ça je l'utilise plusieurs fois avant de le mettre à laver.

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Mini glove to remove bulk Ø10 cm - washable and reusable - Anaé

Mini-glove for 2 fingers in GOTS certified organic cotton, designed for gentle cleansing of the face. Ideal for removing makeup or washing your baby. Sold by the piece. Size: 10cm.

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