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Aegean natural sponge - small model : 10x12cm - anaea

Natural sponge from the Aegean Sea - Small or large size - Anaé

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Cleanse your skin naturally. This is what this sea sponge will allow you. Coming from sustainable fisheries in Greece that preserve the sponge beds, it can be used to cleanse the skin but also as a gentle exfoliant, to remove make-up... and even to cleaning a kitchen or a bathroom.

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Récolte d'éponges de merWhat's a sea sponge?
It is actually a marine organism classified as a multicellular organism. These marine sponges are skeletons of marine animals called Porifera.

Unlike synthetic sponges from the oil industry, sea sponges are 100% natural, sustainable and biodegradable.

Unlike plants, they do not use the sun to get nutrients, but rather to pump water through the complex network of holes in their shape and extract nutrients from their environment. This gives the sponges their characteristic porous appearance and makes them very absorbent.

The ones we offer are harvested only in the Aegean Sea, reasoned by family fisheries in Greece. The fishermen bring great care to the preservation of the ecosystem of sponge banks. Thus, crops are made only twice a year. They are treated naturally, the color lights up because of the soda bicarbonate that is used to clean them. This method is ancestral.

Sponges have the amazing capacity of constantly renewing ; you can take part of a sponge without damaging the whole and it quickly pushes itself to replace the part that was taken.

Harvesting sea sponges helps them to live longer, promoting regeneration and self-renewal. Thus, marine sponges are a renewable natural resource and an excellent choice to preserve our environment.

The quality of the natural sponge depends on its origin. In the Mediterranean, sponges grow slowly in fairly cold and deep waters; So their fibers become resistant and elastic, which increases their shelf life. Conversely, Caribbean sponges, growing rapidly in shallow and warm waters, weaken faster.


The + of the sea sponge
+ Cleanses the body and face gently
+ Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive
+ Resistant and very absorbent
+ Rich in iodine: antibacterial and hygienic
+ Also suitable for surface cleaning
+ 100% natural and biodegradable
+ Issue of sustainable fisheries in Greece that preserve the ecosystem of sponge banks

Éponge de mer


What are the benefits of the sea sponge?
A sea sponge contains a multitude of minerals. They bring to your skin the elements she needs. While accentuating the foaming effect of the applied product, they offer a soft exfoliation to remove dead cells and remove your skin from accumulated impurities daily. Extremely soft, hypoallergenic and antiseptic, sea sponges in "bee nest" are recommended for all skin types, even sensitive skins and babies. They limit the growth of bacteria and molds while preserving the pH and health of the skin. With a natural sponge, you wash will become a moment of pure pleasure and softness! Combining fibers close to silk and absorbing three times more water than a simple synthetic sponge, the sea sponge is both softer and more hygienic.


How to use a sea sponge?
It is very simple to use a sea sponge. In your bath or shower, just humidify it (it will swell and become soft), pour a drop of soap and massage your body. You're gonna see, it's gonna foam very quickly. It is therefore not useful to put a lot of shower gel or soap.

For the masking of the face: You can use the sponge alone by simply humidifying it or drop your usual mask on the wet sponge.

For themaintenance of your kitchen and bathroom, moisten the sponge in a soapy water or pour directly on the wet sponge a few drops of black soap.

How to clean, maintain and maintain a sea sponge?
Once used, carefully rinse your natural sponge with clear water. Press it and dry it naturally by maintaining sufficient ventilation. If possible outside the shower or in the washbasin corner, it will help to keep it in the best conditions as long as possible. It is also important to clean it regularly to avoid the accumulation of bacteria. Regularly (about 1 times a week), dip your sponge in a mixture of hot water and baking soda for 15 minutes: a bowl of water for a soup spoon of baking soda. If you have a large sponge, you can increase the quantities. Soda bicarbonate then cleans the sponge, restores its cellular structure and increases its durability. If your water is very limestone, take a bath with a mixture of vinegar and cold water for a few hours. You can suspend it in a net bag to make sure it dries well. Cleaning your sponge can help it last years!


Effet peinture avec une éponge de merOther possible uses of the sea sponge
For the baby bath: Renowned extremely soft, sea sponges are ideal for taking care of baby skin. In addition, they also represent a hypoallergenic and non-toxic solution to clean the delicate skin.

For the maintenance of your house:Sea sponges are naturally antibacterial and self-cleaning (because of their porous structure), they do not develop the bad odors normally associated with a kitchen sponge. In addition, they create a thick, dense foam and can contain a huge amount of soap, which makes work quick and easy. The same properties make them ideal for everyday tasks: cleaning showers, bathtubs, counters, tiles ...

For washing vehicles:The incredible softness of a natural sea sponge and the amount of soapy water it contains protect scratches by creating a thin film between the sponge and the surface. The porous nature of the sea sponges absorbs dirt and sand from the surface of the body and makes them penetrate dirt into the pores of the sponge. Perfect for cleaning wheels and tires due to the capacity of the natural sea sponge to collect sand in their holes.

In painting:Due to its unique texture, the sea sponge can be used to create amazing buffering effects. The technique is simple to learn and requires no special equipment. Run!


Packaging:This natural sponge exists in 2 sizes:
- Small (about 10x12cm)
- Large (about 14x16cm)

The natural sea sponge is a natural, non-manufactured product. Each sponge is therefore a unique product, you will not find 2 identical ones.

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Excellent produit !! Utilisé avec un savon solide il est très agréable à l'utilisation. Je conseille +++


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C’était pour un cadeau et celui ci à été adopté par le bébé donc ravie de mon achat

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Natural sponge from the Aegean Sea - Small or large size - Anaé

Cleanse your skin naturally. This is what this sea sponge will allow you. Coming from sustainable fisheries in Greece that preserve the sponge beds, it can be used to cleanse the skin but also as a gentle exfoliant, to remove make-up... and even to cleaning a kitchen or a bathroom.

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