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Pyrenees Natural stone nail file - Lamazuna

Natural stone nail file from the Pyrenees - Lamazuna

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Nail file in natural and soft stone from the Pyrenees, handcrafted in France. Ideal for manicured and healthy nails!

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Delivery expected from 02/01/2023

Se limer les ongles avec une pierre naturelle

But by the way, what is a nail made up?
The nails consist of a protein called keratin. This protein is continuously manufactured by some specialized skin cells. These cells store keratin as long as they produce it. When they are full of it, they die and harden. This is how every dead cell becomes a small piece of nail... It is pushed outwards by new keratin-producing cells. This is why the nail grows a little bit every day. On average 2 to 3 mm per month for fingernails of hands for 1 to 1.5 mm per month for feet. It is therefore important to maintain them regularly.


This is not a cardboard file!
The nail file is the essential accessory of nail care, which you like to wear short or long. With a nail file, you can recover a hook or shorten the nail gently. It is obviously a little longer than using a nail cup, but it remains much more respectful of nail fiber.

The nail file Lamazuna was designed to last. It is made up of natural stone of the Pyrenees (Great Mountain). It is handmade in the last French workshop of natural stone to sharpen. Unlike a more classic cardboard lime, it is a lime that you can keep alive. Lamazuna still works in a zero-waste approach!

Lime à ongles, fabriquée en France

This natural stone half hard consists of a homogeneous and very fine shale, ideal for nail lime. It has 2 faces for better performance:
1 - A smooth face (on which is the engraving) obtained with a water polishing and using an abrasive strip.
2 - A face with a berthed finish obtained by polishing in a bin with water and gravel. This face allows to limise the nails faster.

Ideal for manicured and healthy nails! Adopt this durable accessory made in France and never throw your nail file again!


Se limer les ongles avec une pierre naturelle

The + of this natural stone nail file
+ An optimal result: its half hard stone is a homogeneous and very fine shale that will take care of your nails
+ A perfect shape:Its rounded shape on both ends will allow you to find the ideal position to maintain each nail.
+ Easy maintenance: To keep your lime alive, just clean it with a small brush with soap or white vinegar after each use.
+ Local support: By buying this lime, you support the last French factory of natural stone to sharpen.
+ Zero wastes: no plastic and 100% recycled and recyclable packaging
+ Végan


How to use this nail file?
Begin to limise by the sides, to give the desired shape. Make one side after the other, without movement of go-and-coming (which weakens the nail). Finish up the nail to harmonize. To keep the lime for life, just clean it with a small brush with soap or white vinegar after each use.


The right move to limise the nails
Don't attack the nail, it's the priority. For a perfect image, you must follow a golden rule: gently limise in the same direction, so as to smooth the nail scales. Round-trips in both directions could traumatize the nail and create duplication.


My environmental impact
You can keep this lime alive! No need to redo the stock regularly, a good point for the planet and your wallet! Its cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable!



His composition
Lime consisting of a homogeneous grease shale. A smooth finish face and a rough finish face.


Dimensions and weight:Length 10.8 cm - thin tip 0.8 cm - wide tip 1,9 cm - thickness 0.5 cm - weight around 20 grams.


Lamazuna : a "economic" range and zero waste
Products Lamazuna are "economic". Their goal: to minimize the waste in the bathroom and to make great savings!

Vegan ingredients: The ingredients in the range of solid cosmetics are 100% natural. Either it are minerals or plants, in this case they choose them labeled organic. They have also taken the lead since 2010 to offer only vegan products. Reflecting on a daily basis innovative and safe products for health and the environment, Lamazuna wishes to begin a change in the world. Their products therefore contain no matter of animal origin. In addition, the Cruelty Free mention attests that they are not tested on animals.

Zero wastes: Without plastic, their products have no impact on the environment. The packagings are compostable, because printed in plant ink and, when the finished product does not have the ability to be composted, such as the toothbrush heads, a partnership with Terracycle allows them to recycle them fully.

A French craftsmanship: Their products are designed and designated in Marches in their offices, with the help of their graphic designer based in Paris. Their solid products are then developed in southern France and they rely on French suppliers whenever possible.

Natural ingredients: They use natural and organic products. Their mention Slow Cosmetics attests to the ethics of their products, whether in their natural formulation or in the environmental choices they make.

Biodegradable products: In addition to offering a range of solid and durable products that keep themselves alive, they have made the choice to sell their products in bulk or packed with recyclable and/or biodegradable materials to limit the environmental impact.

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Natural stone nail file from the Pyrenees - Lamazuna

Nail file in natural and soft stone from the Pyrenees, handcrafted in France. Ideal for manicured and healthy nails!

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