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Bioplastic-based child toothbrushes - blue or pink colours - Biobrush Berlin - View 1

Children's toothbrush made from bioplastic - Biobrush Berlin

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Combining both design and ecology, this children's toothbrush offers all the features necessary for gentle brushing. Design validated by professionals: small head, flexible bristles and tilted head. 2 colors to choose from.

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Biobrush, brosse à dent écologique pour enfants

Biobrush, brosse à dents validée par les dentistes

Children also have the right to their ecological toothbrush!! Rather than incinerate the remains of the wood processing industry, by transforming them into thermal energy, the biobrush company decided to turn them into a toothbrush, with a negligible carbon footprint. these ecological toothbrushes and their packagings contain only a very small percentage of fossil materials. They are biodegradable to 94.% at the end, an ecological, aesthetic toothbrush designed for good oral hygiene.

What materials ?
Cellulose from the remains of the wood industry is used for the production of bioplastics. and it is thanks to this bioplastic that the sleeves and packagings of the toothbrush are made.

Of natural softeners are added to bioplastic. ♪ natural pigments dyes are carefully selected, with heavy metal levels widely below the usual thresholds. these toothbrushes do not contain bisphenol a (endocrine disruptor). Finally, the nylon hairs of the toothbrushes are made fromnatural ricin oil. According to independent dentists, nylon remains the most suitable hygienic material for oral care.

For the manufacture of bioplastic, hair and packaging, biobrush uses only minimal quantities of fossil raw materials. wood comes from sustainable logging.

A child-friendly toothbrush ?
The biobrush company has obviously taken into account the recommendations of independent dentists, research institutes and manufacturers to design toothbrushes with excellent oral hygiene.

- Ergonomie: easy to take by a child. she won't slip her fingers

- uniformly cut hair
Rounded hair to reach the interdentary spaces.

- medium to soft hair
According to experts, soft hairs allow to obtain a good cleaning result while preserving the gum.

- brush headBiobrush, brosse à dent écologique pour enfants
Efficient brushing, which allows you to access the brushing of all teeth, optimally.

- hair blowers: multi-tufted
Tighter hair touffs optimise the result of brushing. However, hair tufts have intermediate spaces, essential for brush drying and to avoid the accumulation of bacteria.

- curved head
Facilitates access to molars.

- Color
So that the brushing becomes a real moment of pleasure, your child will appreciate its trendy flashy design !

What do we do once they're at the end of life ?
The colors used correspond to the standard din EN13432. bioplastic is biodegradable according to the iso standard 14855, but the brush nylon is not. The award-winning packaging is compostable.

Management of bioplastics in terms of recycling is only at its very beginning. the managers of the sorting centres face the challenge of recycling these new materials, a challenge that must also take into account economic profitability. Thermal upgrades provide electricity, heat and energy to households. So you can throw your toothbrush into the household waste bin !

And if a biobrush ends up in the landscape ?
Conventional plastic can put more than 400 years before decomposing.

The German federal environmental agency said in 2013 that, even after an extremely long time (about 400 years) of continuous grinding, a complete decomposition is not possible.

Bioplastic will only need a fraction of this period to decompose

Climate conditions, 94% of biobrush will be decomposed in a few years. Nylon is not yet biodegradable. as soon as an equally hygienic material for hair and biodegradable is ready to be marketed, the biobrush company undertakes to apply it.


- the use of fossil materials for the manufacture of bioplastics, hair and packaging are reduced to the maximum. for bioplastics, wood waste, which would normally be incinerated, is used.

- wood comes from sustainable forestry (certificate available).
- as these toothbrushes contain only very small amounts of fossil material, their carbon footprint at the end of their life cycle is negligible.
- the thermal energy resulting from their incineration will provide households with electricity and heating.
- biodegradable * - the colors used in these toothbrushes conform to the din standard in 13432. bioplastic is biodegradable in accordance with the iso standard 14855 and the award-winning packaging is even compostable.

*Waste separation facilities face a serious challenge with respect to bioplastics, as their disposal must be treated economically justifiable.

Composition: handle made from wood chips. Brush made from natural ricin oil.

A multi-time award-winning toothbrush

Biobrush, Green Product Award selection 2018

The Green product award is an annual international competition for innovative and sustainable products and services. the competition has been open since 2013 and has since received bids from more than 40 countries. the biobrush toothbrush is selected in 2018 from the green product award.

Biobrush, Green good Design Award 2018

Biobrush received the "Green good design award"in the category "green product". It is awarded by the European Centre for Architecture, Art Design and Urban Studies and the Museum of Architecture and Design of Chigago atheneaeum. good design was founded in chigago in 1950 by eero saarinen, trolleys and eames and edgar kaumann, jr. to promote and promote greater public understanding and acceptance for modern design.

Biobrush, German Design Award 2018

In 2018, biobrush won the German design award for "excellend communications design / packaging". This is what the jury said: “The minimalist packaging is emblematic of the brand’s pursuit of sustainable development, while highlighting the aesthetic and ergonomic quality of the product.

Biobrush, Reddot Award 2017

Biobrush wins Red dot award : « best ot the best » in the category product design 2017 ! Here is the jury's statement: "from a monochrome and purist design, the biobrush toothbrush surprises with a clear and memorable design language. ergonomics perfectly thought makes the toothbrush easy to handle, offering great comfort of daily use. As an integral part of the basic design idea, the concept of global sustainability has been very well implemented. this toothbrush embodies an innovative concept that translates an acute sense of orientation for future designs.

Biobrush, German Packaging Award 2016

Biobrush wins German packaging in the sustainability category for packaging of the sealed bioplastic toothbrush with recycled cardboard tongue. The jury of the 2016 edition of the German packaging award took into account the smallest detail: "The sealed bag on the cellulose-based bioplastic side is associated with the lowest possible quantity of raw material. printing is reduced to a minimum. a sustainable concept of packaging material in its design, which convinced the jury.

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Children's toothbrush made from bioplastic - Biobrush Berlin

Combining both design and ecology, this children's toothbrush offers all the features necessary for gentle brushing. Design validated by professionals: small head, flexible bristles and tilted head. 2 colors to choose from.

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