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Himalayan Salt Crystal Candle Holder Sphere 500 grs - Zen Arôme

Himalayan Salt Crystal Candle Holder Sphere 900 grs - Zen Arôme

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Entirely made of Himalayan salt crystal, this candle holder is hand carved and then carefully polished to obtain the shape of a sphere. Each piece is unique. By placing a candle in the center, a subtle and soft warm light escapes to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

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This candlestick is entirely hand sculpted and carefully polished from a Himalayas Salt Crystal block. Each candle holder is unique, of different shape, colour and intensity. Place a flat heater candle in the centre and leave the magic operated. A fixed orange color crosses the crystal of salt to offer a captivating show, especially when the rest of your room is very light. You will enjoy the atmosphere as well as the soft and relaxing light

Its look both modern and raw will marry very well to all styles of decoration and all pieces.

Its small size (height 8 cm) is ideal for use in small pieces.

Our trick : leave several in one room to multiply the magic effect.

Advantages of this salt crystal candle holder

Bougeoir en cristal de sel modèle Sphère

+ A design, raw and fascinating decorative object providing a soothing soft light
+ Hand carved and polished salt block with care
+ Each candle holder is unique, of different shape, colour and intensity
+ Help to purify and deodorize your interior
+ Neutralize electromagnetic radiation emitted by your electrical appliances
+ Naturally increases the production of serotonin favouring sleep
+ Improves mood, concentration, relaxation and feeling well being
+ Can help limit the light in the evening while enjoying a simulated light
+ Reduces stress and seasonal depression
+ Ideal for a relaxation session
+ Salt block extracted from the largest salt mine in the world, a true quality gage
+ Realization guaranteed without work with children 

Purify and deodorize your habitat

The salt crystal is known as natural purifier and deodoriser of your interior. The salt shakers purify the air thanks to the power of the hygroscopy. This means that they attract the water molecules of the surrounding environment, then absorb these molecules as well as all the foreign particles they carry in the salt crystal.

In addition, when the candle is lit and produces heat thanks to the candle, the same water evaporates into the air and comes to capture in the salt the particles of dust, pollen, smoke, noxious particles.

Bougeoir en cristal de en sel de l'Himalaya

Beneficent negative ions

The salt crystal naturally emits negative ions. These negative ions will have the capacity to neutralize electromagnetic radiation.Place the candlestick near the computer, your smartphone, television and any other electrical device that you frequently use to reduce the potential danger of these radiations.

In addition, these negative ions are useful to counter positive ionsnaturally occurring in the air. We say positive ions that they would be likely to empty you from your energy (or drain your body of energy), while negative ions help collect the pollutants to get rid of it, and rejuvenate body and mind.

Once negative ions reach the bloodstream, they are said to produce biochemical reactions that increase serotonin, a chemical hormone that helps relieve depression, relieve stress and promote diurnal energy.

Use an object made of salt crystal daily promotes sleep better quality and improve at once the mood and concentration.

By eradicating the positive ions of the environment of your interior, the crystal in salt reduces stress and promotes relaxation and feeling well-being. The soothing and zen orange color that emerges also helps to soothe you but also to fight against depression and seasonal depression. When autumn arrives for example, many are affected by this feeling of depression because of the lack of sun. The salt crystal helps the body and the mind to bear the fact that the sun goes down earlier. The objects made of salt crystal are also used in chrome therapy to reconnect the body and mind and to improve its inner balance.

You can quite use this candle holder as part of a meditation or yoga session it is a true ally in terms of sophrology and create an environment conducive to relaxation.

Bougeoirs en cristal de sel de l'Himalaya

What frequency does it turn on ?

We advise you to leave a candle lit constantly in this candle. Unlike a salt lamp that has no risk (equipped with a light bulb), a candle is obviously more risky, especially if you are away from home. Keep in mind that the salt does its naturally capture and radiation work. But the heat released by the candle combined with the salt of the Himalayas increases the spread of negative ions that eradicate positive ions.

In addition, if the humidity of the room in which it is placed increases and if the candle remains off, it may cry and degrade. It's a natural phenomenon. The salt captures the humidity of the room and the candle begins to fade. So there is no frequency rule for ignition.

Our advice : enjoy its atmosphere as soon as you can and don't forget to light it if it starts to show signs of effrence. And obviously, don't put the candlestick in contact with water.

Origin and origin of these salt blocks ?

Coupe d'un bloc de sel à la scie circulaire

The candlesticks we offer are made from salt collected in the Khewra salt mine in the northeast of Pakistan, at the foot of the Himalaya chain.

These salt blocks formed over 250 million years thanks to the slow drying of the sea and the simultaneous rise of the mountain range.

This salt mine counts a total of 19 levels where extraction takes place (including 11 underground). From the entrance, the mine extends up to 730 meters in the mountain. The total length of the galleries is about 40 km. The underground part covers an area of at least 110 km2. Approximately 70% of the extracted gem salt is intended for industrial use. The remaining 30% are edible.

This gem salt, extracted from rocks dating from millions of years, is pure, without additive, uniodine and iron rich. Its pretty pink color is due to the oxidation of the iron contained in it.

The candlestick is stained in a rose salt plate. It is then shaped, dug and polished to allow you to place a candle in its centre. The manufacturer Zen Arôme guarantees that no child in the country is exploited either in the salt mine or in the manufacture of the candle holder.

In which parts place this salt candle ?

Bougeoir en cristal de sel modèle sphère

A salt candle is a light that offers soft and warm lighting. He will come to bring some of his magic wherever he will be installed: living room, bedroom, kitchen, office ... Its size is small (height 6 to 8 cm), however, it is advisable to use it in small spaces to make it really visible. Our other advice, spread several in one room to increase its effects and soothing atmosphere.

However, be careful not to place it in a wet room.

As explained above, a salt shaker with the peculiarity of absorbing ambient humidity. I is therefore recommended not to place it directly on a furniture but to use a support. However, this candle holder is equipped with 3 feet dampers on the base to place it more serenely. Forget the idea of placing it in your bathroom or in your laundry permanently.

Inside your house, the temperature must stay around 19° C with a humidity of about 40-60%.

Technical specifications

- Dimensions : Diameter : 9 cm / Height : 8 cm
- Weight : about 900 grams
- Materials : Himalaya Salt Ristal, origin Pakistan
- Equipped with 3 feet shock absorbers on base

Learn more about the brand Zen Arôme

French company born in 2007 in the sun, on the coast of azur, Zen Arôme is the fruit of the marriage between know-how and passion for aromatherapy. We design our own models inspired by nature, everyday life and what surrounds us while combining innovative technologies. We implement our skills to make a simple idea an original, functional and a source of well-being.

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Himalayan Salt Crystal Candle Holder Sphere 900 grs - Zen Arôme

Entirely made of Himalayan salt crystal, this candle holder is hand carved and then carefully polished to obtain the shape of a sphere. Each piece is unique. By placing a candle in the center, a subtle and soft warm light escapes to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

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