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Reduced price Women's Cup with organic cotton pouch - Lamazuna - Ambient image

Feminine cup with organic cotton pouch - Lamazuna

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The Lamazuna Women's Cup replaces tampons and sanitary napkins for a period of 10 years. Free of latex, phthalates and bleaches. 100% hypoallergenic. Guaranteed medical platinum silicone. Made in France. 2 sizes available.

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Cup féminine LamazunaAfter more than 60 years of use in Scandinavian countries and Canada, Mentruelle cup (also known as the Women's Cup or Menstrual Cup) is increasingly talking about her in France ... and that's so much better!

This invention is a small revolution in periodic protections. It has only advantages and users who have adopted it will not tell you otherwise. They are unanimous on the subject.

The Lamazuna Women's Cup is a washable and reusable protection. Used during menstruation, it is placed in the vagina less deeply than a tampon and recovers the menstrual flow without absorbing it.


The 10 reasons to adopt the female cup Lamazuna

1 - This Women's Cup will replace hygienic towels and pads during the 6hours

2 - The Cup allows foravoid leakage (a lot more than a buffer)

3 - She is. ultra discreet. Without a string that passes, we forget it completely. It will then be ideal during the sport or at the pool because thanks to its flexibility, it marries the shape of the body while four perforations on its neck create a suction effect that prevents all leaks.

4 - Ends irritation due to drying pads and their harmful components. Unlike the pads, this Cup does not dry the mucous membranes and therefore there is no negative impact on the vaginal flora. It does not leave textile fiber in the vagina and can be used regardless of the intensity of menstruation. The Women's Cup Lamazuna is 100% medical platinum silicone, used in surgery and approved to stay 30 days inside the human body. Don't worry about this!

5 - The purchase of a Cup is amortized in a few months because you no longer have to buy disposable products during your cycle, so that's why very Economic and Social Council.

6 - The number of disposable protections used in a woman's life is estimated at over 10,000! Imagine the global environmental impact! This Cup is also very ecological since there are no products thrown into the trash.

7 -100% hypoallergenic, latex-free, phthalates-free, whitening agents.Cup féminine Lamazuna, fabriquée en France

8 - The Cup Lamazuna is practice and not bulky. It is delivered in a GOTS certified organic cotton bag.

9 - The Cup Lamazuna is made in France, in the Vaucluse

10 - Lamazuna shows an ethics committed to animals: it is the second French brand to wear the PETA Label (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals = Association for Ethical Treatment of Animals). In addition, this product is suitable for Vegetarian, Vegetarian and vegan.


Instructions for use

Cup féminine LamazunaBefore the very first use and before each cycle, sterilize your female cup by boiling it in a saucepan of water for about ten minutes

Wash your hands. Fold your cup and insert it at the vagina entrance. It is not necessary to introduce it as deeply as a buffer. Once the cut is in place, pass your finger inside to open it and ensure its sealing.

Empty your female cut every 6 hours.Cup féminine Lamazuna

To remove it, wash your hands, catch it by the stem or contract your muscles to get it down naturally.

To replace it, wash your hands, wash the cup with the hay water (if not, use paper to wipe it)

At the end of the rules, sterilize your cup and put it in its organic cotton pouch (not in a hermetic box).

This protection is perfectly invisible. It is completely forgotten by not causing any discomfort and staying in place until 6 hours. If the stem of your female cut bothers you, you can cut it.


In image... it can help!

The insertion of the Cup. To each one his fold!

Insertion de la Cup féminine Lamazuna



The positioning of the Cup

Positionnement de la Cup féminine Lamazuna

Choice of size
Choose the size 1 for a light flow and women who never gave birth by low. Diameter: 42mm / Length 47 mm / Capacity: 23 ml

Prefer it size 2 for a medium or large flow, or if you have already accessed by low. Diameter: 47mm / Length 52 mm / Capacity: 30 ml

If you have a doubt, prefer size 2. N.B: For reasons of hygiene, we do not accept exchanges on cups. So in case of doubt about the size choice, do not hesitate to contact us!



Product Warranty
- Washable and reusable
- Hypoallergenic
- Without latex, phthalates, or whitening agents
- Furnished with a manual and a organic cotton bag
- Duration of use: 10 years
- Not tested on animals
- Without animal materials
- ISO 13485:2016 certification


The info + : The cup Lamazuna can be used by a virgin and is compatible with DIU (sterile).


What security on the manufacture of the Women's Cups Lamazuna ?
The manufacturer has obtained ISO 13485:2016 certification. It confirms that its quality management system allows it to manufacture medical devices. This standard is the most recognized in the global market.

2 classifications ensure the quality of the cup: medical and platinum
Concerning the manufacture, the platinum silicone is, as its name suggests, catalysed to platinum. Platinum is a rare and very stable metal that melts only from 1750 degrees. The other method of making silicone, more common, is made with peroxide. This metal is less expensive but much less stable. Platinum silicone therefore does not present the health risks of peroxide silicone that can release volatile organic matter.

The silicone is also called "medical condition". This quality is attributed to laboratory tests such as material resistance and elasticity. The silicone used for these Cups is therefore consistent with many international standards, including the USP Class 6 standard, which means it is appropriate to stay inside the human body for 30 days.


Any more questions?
If you have other questions (and they may be many), we invite you to consult our detailed file on the menstrual cuts.


The environmental approach Lamazuna
Lamazuna wanted to go further in this environmental conservation approach by bringing their small seed to Pur Projet initiatives. The Alto Huayabamba project in Amazonia has taken particular attention. Farmers of the ACOPAGRO cooperative receive trees they plant according to the agroforestry system. Cocoa plants are used for cocoa production, while other species preserve soil, water and biodiversity quality. 2% of sales lead to this project, more than 2,000 trees to date.

All productsLamazuna are conditioned in France in an ESAT, establishment for disabled workers.

Labels / certifications
Global organic textile standard (gots)

Specific references


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Cup féminine

Extra. Bonne qualité et taille adaptée. ça a changé mon quotidien

  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.
Sophie T

Idéale !

J'ai également essayé plusieurs marques (et taille) avant de trouver celle qui me convenait. C'est chose faite avec celle-ci ! Plus de gêne quand je la porte car elle est bien souple et néanmoins aucune fuite ! Merci pour vos dossiers qui aident au choix !

  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.
Louise B


Après avoir essayé plusieurs marques, c'est celle-ci qui me convient le mieux. Silicone souple. Aucune gêne. Merci pour vos infos détaillées.

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Feminine cup with organic cotton pouch - Lamazuna

The Lamazuna Women's Cup replaces tampons and sanitary napkins for a period of 10 years. Free of latex, phthalates and bleaches. 100% hypoallergenic. Guaranteed medical platinum silicone. Made in France. 2 sizes available.

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