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Karate face balm, queen macerat of pres and essential oils of turmeric and geranium rosat - 30 ml - Grain

Shea face balm, macerate of meadowsweet and turmeric and rose geranium essential oils - 30 ml

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This face balm has a composition particularly suitable for gently balancing the skin and providing a healthy glow and anti-blemish effect (macerate of meadowsweet, shea butter, beeswax, HE turmeric and geranium...). A balm in the form of a stick that can be taken anywhere. 30ml stick.

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Presentation of the face balm

Gamme de produits Grain

The balm is a water-in-oil type emulsion, whose specific formula has been enriched with fatty substances (vegetable oils, butters and waxes). This is what gives it this special consistency!

Thanks to these natural ingredients, the face balm of the Grain brand displays a composition rich in fatty acids which gives it antioxidant, moisturizing, nourishing, draining or even healing powers. While organic camelina and organic sunflower oils provide their active ingredients to this care formula, organic shea butter and organic beeswax guarantee this consistent and thick texture. Organic Meadowsweet macerate gives the formula undeniably soothing, calming, protective, healing, restorative, toning and astringent properties (tightens pores and helps to obtain a smoother and more even complexion). Finally, the essential oils of turmeric and rose geranium also play their soothing, anti-infective, repairing and antioxidant roles in this balm. A real cocktail of good organic ingredients for an extremely qualitative and effective daily facial care.

This face balm is for all skin types, whether combination to oily, dry or with problems.

This face balm provides the epidermis with numerous lipids which nourish it in depth. It participates in the regeneration of its hydrolipidic film. The vegetable oils it contains provide all their vitamins and nutrients to the epidermis: omega-6, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

Like all the other products in the Grain range, this balm is made with complete respect for the ingredients that make it up by Anaïs, the company's creator. A global, ethical, artisanal approach, respecting the environment, from production to processing. Oil, plants and hydrosol are produced by independent French producers, committed to organic and sustainable agriculture!

Benefits of this organic face balm

+ Gently balances the skin (nourishes, hydrates and protects)
+ Healthy glow and anti-blemish effect
+ A stick format allowing it to be taken everywhere
+ Handcrafted in Brittany
+ Oils and beeswax produced by independent French producers committed to organic and sustainable agriculture
+ Organic plants
+ Planting, harvesting and processing by hand
+ No added fragrance, just plants that wish you well
+ The label, the glue and the packaging are 100% recyclable, the vegetable ink

Focus on the main assets

Actifs huile de Cameline, beurre de karité, macérat Reine des prés, huiles essentielles de curcuma et de géranium rosat, cire d'abeilleOrganic Camelina oil
Also called "Sesame from Germany" or "Lin Bastard", Cameline is a herbaceous plant 80 cm high with small pale yellow flowers. Its oil is extracted from the seeds and very rich in omega-3 and omega-6. It is known for its regenerating, restorative, but also soothing properties. Softening, it softens the epidermis and brings elasticity to the skin. It is a dry oil. It is therefore quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy film on the skin. Rich in antioxidants (vitamin E and phytosterols), it fights against the effects of cellular aging. Camelina vegetable oil therefore offers this Karma balm many benefits. This oil is produced by Daniel, in central France. He produces his plants, harvests his seeds, then presses them. He received the mention "slow cosmetic 2018" for this oil.

Organic shea butter
Shea is a tree that can reach fifteen meters high. It grows in the African savannas. It is from its nuts, containing up to 50% lipids, that shea butter is extracted, so popular today all over the world. Shea butter is an ideal active ingredient for skin care, due to its lipid-replenishing and smoothing action. It provides protection against skin dryness thanks to the presence of vitamin A. Shea also contains vitamin E, antioxidant, with anti-aging properties. It promotes the regeneration of the skin against the harmful effects of the sun, helps to calm and soothe torn and heated skin, promotes healing, hydrates and nourishes the skin in depth, revitalizes the tissues and restores elasticity to the skin. On the hair, shea butter is known to restore shine and deeply nourish the hair fiber. In addition, it prolongs and protects hair coloring.

Organic meadowsweet macerate
Originally from Europe, meadowsweet is a plant that belongs to the Rosaceae family. Consumed since the Middle Ages to flavor drinks, meadowsweet was immediately noticed for its health benefits. It is used in cosmetics in the form of macerate – that is to say that the flowering tops and leaves are macerated, after picking, in a vegetable oil (here organic camelina oil) so that its properties transfer into this carrier oil. Then everything is filtered and bottled. Meadowsweet has excellent virtues in cosmetics. Soothing, it calms skin sensitized by external aggressions and gently protects it. Healing, it repairs the epidermis and thus helps to reduce traces of imperfections. Astringent, it tightens pores and helps achieve a smoother, more even complexion. Finally, its toning property provides firmer, more luminous skin. A remarkable plant that will diffuse all these beneficial effects in this face balm.

Organic turmeric and rose geranium essential oils
Turmeric is a rhizomatous plant from the ginger family. Its richness in turmerones, powerful antioxidants, gives it excellent potential as an anti-aging active ingredient. The calming, anti-infectious and skin antioxidant properties of turmeric oil allow it to be used in the treatment of many skin problems such as acne, inflammatory dermatoses, herpes, cutaneous mycosis, mature skin, wrinkles, fine lines and dull complexion.

Rose geranium essential oil has excellent toning, restorative and astringent properties. Perfect as a natural anti-aging treatment, it knows how to restore radiance to dull skin or puffy faces. It will also soothe inflamed skin, fungal infections, redness, acne, inflammation of the mouth. In addition, its floral fragrance is very pleasant and will give a note of rose to this face balm.

Organic beeswax
On the skin, this product secreted by bees to make their hexagonal combs, is a guarantee of faster healing thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. A cut, a callus, an abrasion, an open blister, these little everyday injuries can be solved by applying warmed wax in a bain-marie. Even hives attacks during eczema, an inflammatory skin disease, can be relieved by this remedy which can reduce itching. The wax owes its curative powers to its composition made of cerotic acid and palmitic acid among others, but also elements that are still unknown today. Beeswax protects the skin from UV rays and facilitates its regeneration. Plus, it absorbs and retains moisture, leaving your skin fresh and supple. The beeswax contained in this balm is produced by Christian, in Belle île en mer, organically. It preserves the black bee of Brittany and just for that, it's magic.

Usage tips

Apply on clean skin. Apply in low dose and massage in circular movements.

Its composition

Caline oil,* macerat of queen of the meadows,* shea butter,* bee wax,* sunflower oil,* essential oil of turmeric*, essential oil of geranium rosat,* vitamin E.

INCI Ingredients

Camelina Sativa Seed Oil,* Filipendula Ulmaria Flower Extract,* Butyrospermum Parkii Butter* Cera Alba,* Helianthus Anuus Seed Oil,* Tocopherol, Curcuma Longa Oil,* Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil*

*Ingredients from organic farming.


30 ml stick.

Storage time

12 months after opening.

About the GRAIN brand (Engaged Artisanal Cosmetics)

Anaïs Bouilly, creator of the Grain cosmetics range

GRAIN is a committed brand that offers cosmetics made north of Rennes, in Brittany by Anaïs.

The principle : common sense and life !

- Medicinal plants grown on living soil (no chemicals used) in Guipel (35)
- Planting, harvesting, processing by hand
- Drying and solar maceration (protected from UV rays)
- Cold processing to preserve plant active ingredients
- Additional ingredients from independent French producers
- 100% recyclable packaging
- Label printed on FSC paper, vegan glue, machines powered by renewable energy.

No need for a label to do things right !

30 ml

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Shea face balm, macerate of meadowsweet and turmeric and rose geranium essential oils - 30 ml

This face balm has a composition particularly suitable for gently balancing the skin and providing a healthy glow and anti-blemish effect (macerate of meadowsweet, shea butter, beeswax, HE turmeric and geranium...). A balm in the form of a stick that can be taken anywhere. 30ml stick.

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