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Kajal ayurvedic bio Prune Kashmir 008 – 3 g - Soultree

Kajal ayurvedic bio Prune Kashmir 008 – 3 g - Soultree

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One.kajal 100% natural, BDIH certifiedand made in the purestAyurvedic tradition. La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La Lacomplexion Prune Kashmirwill intensify your eyes, but also take care of your eyes. A 2 in 1 composed among other ingredients of ghee, camphor and vegetable oils. Trying it is adopting it for sure!

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Gamme de kajals ayurvédiques Soultree

The sour kajals Soultree know how to distinguish themselves from other kajals. these eye pencils conical form are made according to an Indian tradition of more than 3,000 years. they are made from natural ingredients. fresh organic plant extracts are made in the authentic evedic tradition, in the laboratory of Soultree. they can use both in makeup and eye care.Moreover, these kajals are very economical because they will last you for many months without problems.


Exemple d'un maquillage à l'aide de kajal Soultree1 - An incredibly soft and fine texture, thanks to its ghee formula (clarified beer from the sour tradition, obtained by slow cooking).

2 - A refreshing and clarifying effect, thanks to a suspicion of natural camphor and other sour plants that protect the eyes of urban pollution (dust, gas, dry air).

It reduces the discomfort of the eye related to dust, pollution and dry air, fights against the sensation of the dry eye that you can feel when you spend a lot of time behind a screen, in an air-conditioned place..

It is an entirely natural product, composed of vegetable oils, beeswax, ghee and natural camphor.

Why the natural camphor ?
The camphor is actually used for its refreshing and bleaching effect of the eye. a beneficial effect that soothes sensitive eyes after a day behind a screen or a long drive.

These kajals respect the aurvedic tradition and are advised for use on the edge and inside the eyelid, even with lentils. The lens wearers especially appreciate their soothing and anti-irritation effect.

Combined with vegetable oils of cycin and organic sweet almond, the skin plume cashmereIs extremely pretty and will enhance your eyes.


kajal Prune Cachemire 008 Soultree

What eyes does Prune look like ?
This incredibly silky kajal texture is ideal for intense and long-lasting makeup. kajal n°008 prune cashmere is ideal for highlighting green eyes. it can be combined with a golden touch for an evening makeup.


Guarantees of the range Soultree
- products made of indea according to the tradition of ampurvedic
- products certified by bdih
- formulated without preservatives, no synthetic dyes, no heavy metals, and no animal fat
- manufacturing process certified bpf (good manufacturing practices)


The benefits of applying a bio kajal Soultree
+ 100% natural compositions
+ ignites the eyes
+ pacifies the eye drought
+ can better support the wind and the sun
+ regulates mucus secretions
+ stimulates the tear glands (which greatly facilitates the lens port)
+ very good against eye diseases as it cleans and disinfects
+ Anti-sceptic and anti-inflammatory.
+ refreshes the eyes and intensifies the look in the sense that it supports the whiteness of the eye. Indeed it has excellent astringent properties to reduce the capillary vessels of the eye and thus to leave our white eyes immaculate.
+ The black contour effect of makeup helps to intensify the look and bring out the pupil.
+ moisturizes and strengthens the eyelashes


How to apply the Kajal Prune Soultree ? ?
Kajal traditionally applies to the eye contour. However, you can also put it inside to intensify the look. its conical form allows you a multitude of applications:

- a clean line of eyelashes
- inside the eye
- is faded on the eyelid as a eyelid for a smokey effect.


Can be used in care or makeup. Blacks apply instead on the inner edges of the eyelids. If you use 2 colors, apply the lightest color inside the eye side nose and darkest on the outside side tempes. So your eyes will look enlarged...Kajal colors can also be spread to the finger on the top eyelid. the kajal keeps its cone shape, it is not useful to tailor it. When we turn it around, we're using it on a regular basis. It is therefore necessary to use it as a bevel to keep its mine always fused. you can also use a paper handkerchief and make a rotary movement around the kajal to give the stick its erased mine.


Conseils pour l'application d'un kajal Soultree


Info + on carbon black

Soultree respects a 3000-year-old process to make carbon black, the flagship ingredient of black assam kajal. the carbon black is obtained by the incomplete combustion of organic mustard oil, which deposits very fine powdered coal on terracotta lamps it blackens. the black of the lamp is then carefully collected for 2 days then mixed with organic ghee and slowly malaxed by hand to obtain a creamy paste..


Its main assets
actifs kajal ayurvédiques Soultree

The camphor:The camphor or tree at camphor is a tree of 50 meters high and 12 meters of circumference that grows in japon and china, it can live more than a thousand years. from this tree the camphor is extracted by distillation of its wood. the camphor has the property to disinfect the eye and prevent irritation. by its astringent effect, the capillary vessels disappear and the eye seems so whiter. The stimulation of the tear glands radiates the eye and makes it brighter.

The ghee:Ghee is a clarified butter from inde obtained by a long cooking. the ghee is used in the religious domain and for the medicine of the sourvedic. According to this medicine, ghee is the best lipid for the body, especially for the liver and eyes. The ghee is toned, regenerating, nutritious, it improves sight and voice. the ghee applied on the edge of the eyelid allows to evacuate the impurities of the eye.


Ingredients:lsoamyl laurate, ricinus communis (castor) seed oil*, sorbitan olivate, euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) cera, copemicia cerif powderera (camuba) cera, butyrum (clarified butter), theobroma cacao (cococoa) seed butter, garcipher lndica (kokmond oil butter, prunus amyg may contain: cl 77288, cl 77861, cl 77491, cl 77492, cl 77499, cl 77742, cl 77019, cl 77891, cl 77007, cl 77268:1


Its composition
Smooth with coconut oil, cycin oil*, emulsifying with olive oil, candelilla wax, carnauba wax,Clarified butter (ghee), cocoa butter, Indian kokum vegetable butter, soft almond oil*, wild honey*, vitamin e, natural camphor, mineral pigments.

* from organic culture or wild plant harvest


Certification: Natural makeup controlled bdih


The shades Soultree available at penn'ty bio

Black assam 011, , Black assam cold 021, , Ecorce lodhra 007, , Granite himalaya 004, plum cashmere 008,Bronze kerala 009, , Blue varkala 006 and Colourless 101

kajal ayurvédiques Noir Assam Soultreekajal ayurvédiques Noir Assam Cold Soultreekajal ayurvédiques Bronze Kerala Soultreekajal ayurvédiques Prune Cachemire Soultreekajal ayurvédiques Ecorce Lodhra Soultreekajal ayurvédiques Bleu Varkala Soultreekajal ayurvédiques Granite Himalaya Soultreekajal ayurvédiques Incolore Soultree


Frequently asked questions

Can the kajals be applied to the lower mucous membrane of the eye ?
The application of the kajal can be done on the lower mucous membrane of the eye. However, you should avoid using any form of cosmetics inside the eye, especially if you wear contact lenses.

The kajal Soultree is it compatible with contact lenses ?
Some beauty experts suggest that the contact lens is applied before makeup, so that it does not interfere with the application of the kajal. Likewise, the lens must be removed first before the removal of the eyes. the color of the kajal soultree is obtained through a traditional sourvedic recipe that uses an ancient process of 3000 years. Its 100% natural composition not only embellishes but also protects the eyes.

If the eye is too sensitive or if the eyes are irritated by the lens port, it is best to apply the kajal on the lower lashes line rather than on the lower mucous membrane.

How can we maintain the kajals as a cone ?
If applied correctly, the conical form of the kajal can be easily maintained. After a few applications, the kajal must be rotated so that all sides of the kajal are used uniformly. to refine the tip of a kajal that has become too wide, it must be used in bias. you can also refine the tip gently with the help of a pencil size.


How can we keep them during the summer ?
These kajals are made to fit at medium temperatures of 35°C. These can be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sun exposure and should ideally be consumed within 24 months of the date of manufacture.


What kajals for my complexion and the color of my eyes ?
For brown eyes, the ideal colors of kajals are black, brown, grey, blue, green or purple. Combining these shades with golden, green or blue eye shadows will bring out the eyes.

For women with clear eyes, the ideal colors of kajal are brown, grey or plum, to combine with grey or bronze eye shadows.

What's the difference between a khôl and a kajal ?
The Khôl is of Arab origin, the Egyptians used the Khôl to darken their eyes. originally, the khôl was made up of lead, sulphur and animal fat. Today, brands are trying to remove toxic effects by suppressing lead from formulas but it is sometimes replaced by lead sulfate, still as toxic.

The kajal is of Indian origin. formulated with black coal, its mine is more tender and oily to make an intense look, it is recognized in its characteristic conical form.


Learn more about the brand Soultree
Everything Soultree undertakes is built on respect for nature and man:

  • ensure that plants are not removed during harvesting,
  • that the peasant communities in the countryside find compensation just for their work,
  • that farmers can guarantee organic certification,
  • that products are free from harmful chemical compounds.
The creator of Soultree personally knows most peasants who cultivate these medicinal plants for him.

All this, Soultree the fact to provide you with the best quality possible.

Labels / certifications
3 gr

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Kajal ayurvedic bio Prune Kashmir 008 – 3 g - Soultree

One.kajal 100% natural, BDIH certifiedand made in the purestAyurvedic tradition. La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La Lacomplexion Prune Kashmirwill intensify your eyes, but also take care of your eyes. A 2 in 1 composed among other ingredients of ghee, camphor and vegetable oils. Trying it is adopting it for sure!

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