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Organic Camomile Essential Oil Aroflora

Roman Chamomile AB - Flowers - 5 ml - Essential Oil Aroflora

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The smell of theorganic chamomile essential oil is fruity, warm and soft. It is used mainly for its powerful soothing virtues nervous system. She is also anti-inflammatory. She soothes them itching, Skin irritation, allergiesand small pain or spasms. 5 ml bottle.

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Essential oil of Roman chamomile - Chamaemelum nobile

Family: Asteracy

Huile essentielle catégorie Relaxation

Certification:Essential oil from organic crops, controlled, certified, 100% pure and natural, uncut, undeterpened. It receives ab, certified by ecocert france (FR-BIO-01).

Part of the plant used:Flowers

Method of obtaining: Water vapour distillation


Performance:0.4% to 1% depending on the nature of the lot. It therefore takes 100 kg of plant to obtain between 400g and 1 kg of essential oil of Roman chamomile.


Some information on the Roman chamomile
Perennial whiteish green plant covered with small hairs and very fragrant flowers. it is common in our regions and affectionates the sandy lawns and river banks. highly aromatic essential oil is colourless very slightly blue. Indeed, the whole plant exhales a delicious scent of apple from which its name borrowed from the Greek "potato" . its low yield (0.1%) makes it an expensive oil. It should not be confused with other chamomile such as the matricary to the deep blue shade related to the presence of chamazulene and the mixta ormenis species sold under the name of wild chamomile of the maroc.


huile essentielle de Camomille romaine bio Aroflora

Chmotype*: Angela of isobutyl, isoamyl
*the chmotype is the identity card of the essential oil, its chemically defined composition by chromatographic analysis. a single plant may have several compositions depending on the place and variety. a chmotype depends on a property, a smell, a taste.


Chemical formula: Active principles of essential oil of chamomile include monoterpenes, aliphatic esters including, above all, isobutyl anaelate and isoamyl anaelate, and cetones whose concentration may vary according to the composition and origin of the lots.


Allergens naturally contained in this essential oil:D-Limonène

Main indications:Pains, skin problems, anguish crisis, nervousness and excitement, baby bobos, feminine comfort, flatulences, bloating.Fleurs de camomille romaine


Characteristics:Its equivalence-free biochemical composition and its significant rate of esters ✱(90)% gives it calming, rebalancing and anti-inflammatory properties. chamomile by numbing the nerves to the property to alleviate pain as a general rule. Cicatrisante, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, chamomile is an excellent oil to treat all kinds of skin problems and to soften dry skin.
Sa calming property very well known will help you relieve excitement, nervousness, stress, depressed, sleep problems. it is one of the few oils safely, at low dose, for babies and children, it will relieve many bobos .

Keep this oil of predilection on you during stressful situations (before surgery, examination, etc.) or during an emotional shock.
Camomile also has a beneficial role in bringing comfort to all women's problems (menstrual cycle, menopause).


Therapeutic properties of essential oil of Roman chamomile

Major :Calming, relaxing, powerful antispasmodic, Anti-inflammatory, Antalgic.

Secondary :Antibacterial.


Attention !

Avoided during the first 3 months of pregnancy. pure, essential oil of Roman chamomile can irritate sensitive skins. it is advisable to make a pre-use test on a very localized area for allergic skins. Attention also to excesses, at high doses, the essential oil of Roman chamomile can cause sleepiness and vertigo.


User advice
Essential oils are powerful natural substances and should be used with care. even if essential oils are used since antiquity, their mode of use and precautions of use are often poorly known. many works deal with essential oils. It is therefore advisable to refer to the traditional use modes.


A for guidance, some examples of use

Utilisation par diffusion

Essential oil will be perfect for relax and promote quality sleep. 15 minutes before bedtime will be enough. for anguish, breathe directly for 2 to 3 seconds a bottle of essential oil of roman camomile.


Utilisation dans le bainEssential oils that are not soluble in water must be mixed with an emulsifier before pouring them into the bath. For example, they can be blended with a liquid soap or a neutral shampoo (1 tablespoons). As a general rule, it is advisable not to exceed 10 drops per bath and not to stay more than 20 minutes. the use of Roman camomile in a bath will be good for dry, sensitive or irritated skin. It will also allow to relax and promote quality sleep. She'll be fine for you promote flexibility of muscles and joints.


Application par massage ou compresseIt is advisable to mix a few drops of essential oil with a vegetable oil (soft almond, jojoba, macadamia, musk rose, argan, olive, etc) to use it as massage oil.

"to soften dry and irritated skins" : 3 to 5 dilute drops in a vegetable oil (masser or integrate the preparation on a humidified hot compress)

" Relaxing massages":3 to 5 dilute drops in a vegetable oil. massage along the spinal column, as well as the solar plexus, under the planar voute and also on the inner bending folds of the wrists.


Utilisation par voie orale To promote harmonious digestion, the recommended daily dose will be 1 to 2 drops, diluted in a teaspoon of honey or vegetable oil, twice a day before meals (maximum daily dose: 4 drops, or 0.16 ml).


100% pure and natural oil
Oneessential oilConsists of chemically defined molecules (approximately 10,000 identified) that have been secreted by special plant cells. it can be made up of one to several hundred molecules, which allows to explain why some essential oils have many properties but with different therapeutic efficiency. to guarantee the properties necessary for effective aromatherapy, it is important that oneessential oilOr 100%pure and natural(not cut, deterped, or mixed with alcohol or vegetable oils) and preferablybiological. This is the case of essential oils we sell. they are sold in dyed bottle with drip account cap.
Accéder au dossier Whether pure or mixed, you can use them in our different diffuser models. data on each essential oil are given for information purposes only. Attention to the auto diagnostic, do not hesitate to consult an aromatherapist or any other recognized professional and read our special file "properties of essential oils"in our thematic files.


Essential oils can help you
Essential oils are used primarily to help you deal with many disorders. but even though essential oils are often extracted from edible plants, their concentrations make it necessary to remain cautious and respect their healing power. the use of essential oils is relatively simple and if you respect some basic rules, they will make their therapeutic genius available to you. Covering with essential oils has much more than disadvantage.


Accéder au dossier Find in our abbey essential oils, all the evils for which the essential oil of roman chamomile enters the composition of the mixture:

Ab, , Bulb, , Anxiety, , Anthrax, , Anxiety, , Loss of appetite, , After shaving, , Arthritis, , Abdominal bloating, , Wheatpharite, Bulimia, , Burning, , Fat-sec hair, , Conjunctivitis, , Sunburn, , Coupe-faim, , Cut off, , Depression and depressive condition, , Diarrhea, , Dental pain after extraction, , Eczema,Stomach disorders, , Fibrome, , Gums,Hyperactivity, , Insomnia, , Lumbago, , Mycose, , Nervousness, , Nevralgia, , Shoulder peritarthrite, , Psoriasis, , Sciatica, , Stomach ulcer, , Vomiting.


Who is allowed to use the essential oil of Roman camomile ?

Adultes et ados

Enfants de moins de 6 ans

Femmes enceintes et allaitantes

Femmes enceintes de moins de 3 mois

Nourrissons de moins de 3 mois

WARNING: these properties, indications and modes of use are derived from the reference works or websites in aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and phytotherapy. They are found regularly and for many confirmed by scientific observations. However, this information is provided for information purposes, in no case could it constitute medical information or commit our responsibility. for any use of essential oils for a therapeutic purpose, consult a doctor.


Regulatory information on the use of essential oil of Roman Camomille
Employment precautions:Reserved for the adult. Keep children out of reach. not recommended to pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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Roman Chamomile AB - Flowers - 5 ml - Essential Oil Aroflora

The smell of theorganic chamomile essential oil is fruity, warm and soft. It is used mainly for its powerful soothing virtues nervous system. She is also anti-inflammatory. She soothes them itching, Skin irritation, allergiesand small pain or spasms. 5 ml bottle.

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