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Diffuser usb keylia - 10 m2

Keylia USB diffuser - 10 m² - Innobiz

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Delivery time : 48h by Colissimo / 24h by chronopost for all orders placed before 10h30.

Finally a diffuser that fits on all USB ports and that does not heat up. Practical and silent to use, the Keylia diffuser releases essential oils using an ultrasonic misting process.

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Delivery expected from 02/06/2023

Presentation of the Keylia diffuser

Adapted to new lifestyles, this small keylia will be your companion of every moment. Just a USB port (computer, tablet, car, ..) so that in a few moments your environment is pleasantly scented. If you like clean up the atmosphere or simply create a pleasant atmosphere, so this broadcaster is made for you!

At first, this diffuser looks like any USB drive, except that it does not store computer files but essential oils, 5ml to be precise.

We know the USB diffusers of essential oils, but in addition to heating, we regularly had to put 2 to 3 drops of essential oils on the metal plate careful not to put it aside, otherwise we damaged the plastic..

With this new model, everything is different.

First, it doesn't heat anymore, since essential oils are "tightened" by a vibration process. In addition, it is not necessary to regularly hand over essential oils, since these are stored in a small bottle directly in the USB drive.

To enjoy the benefits of essential oils without saturating the room, we can choose three broadcast frequencies; according to the position of the selector you will haveone small mist jet that will come out of the orifice (located on the middle of the USB stick) all10, 30 or 60 seconds.

Thanks to this 5ml essential oil tank, it is no longer necessary to take a bottle in addition to the diffuser. You go on a weekend or on a trip, just fill it before departure and you are quiet throughout your stay.

Like all USB broadcasters, the Keylia is intended to broadcast near the device where it is connected. So he can't cover the entire surface of your apartment. Depending on the essential oil used, it can easily cover a surface of 10 m2To turn it on, no installation is required, just plug it into any USB socket, a red light signals that it is in operation. To stop it, just remove it from the socket.

Benefits of Keylia diffuser

+ USB socket diffuser
+ Simple job
+ Nomade : small, light, transportable
+ Streamlined
+ Ultrasonic diffusion, respect essential oil
+ Its tank will allow you to take your essential oils everywhere with you!

Technical specifications

Cold diffusion by ultrasonic diffusion
Power supply: 5V USB socket
Power: 5V - 300 ma ( USB 2.0 = 500 ma)
Dimensions: length = 86 mm, width = 22 mm, height = 16 mm
Adjustable button for diffusion every 10," 30" or 60 seconds
Dissemination area: approximately 10 m2
Operating light
Weight : 400 gr
Manufacturer warranty: 5 years

How to use the Keylia diffuser ?

The leaflet which is delivered with the diffuser is perfectly clear, written in French and illustrated with small drawings. This notice consists of 8 steps:

1 - Open the cache on the back of the USB drive

2 - Put a few drops of essential oils using the pipette(*) in the tank. Use the pipette or you'll get your fingers!

3 - Screw the stopper with a lock on the tank

4 - Insert the bottle into the USB key (tamp on the metal plate) then close the diffuser cache

5 - Connect your diffuser to the USB port of your device

6 - The LED lights up to report the implementation

7 - Observe a fine mist coming out of the device at regular intervals

8 - Modify the diffusion interval 10s (Max,) 30s or 60s (Min) using the selector.


(*) Some customers find that the pipette provided is not always practical. If this is your case, you can use our cleaning pipette for diffuser glassware that you will find on our site. 

Our usage tips

When no "drug" comes out of the diffuser, check if the bottle is not empty. If that is the case, just take the points 1 to 5 above. You can restore the same scent or change perfume ambience as you wish. In the case where the bottle would not be empty see the paragraph "maintenance advice".

Powered to work in different positions, the Keylia diffuser will have a better diffusion when placed horizontally, with the output upwards.

When dismantling the bottle cap, be careful not to place the saturated wick of essential oils on a fragile surface such as plastic.

In order not to saturate the atmosphere with the fragrances and as with all diffusers, adapt the diffusion time according to the volume of the place and essential oils aired.

Don't let it spread continuously (20 min.) The fallout of essential oils can degrade some materials nearby.

Important : Recommendation for use of USB diffuser only. Do not connect the device to another energy source. Do not place the tank wick or tank on oil corrosion sensitive surfaces. Use only the Keylia tank in this device.

Keylia diffuser maintenance

Some fat, thick or sticky essential oils (especially citrus) can alter the proper functioning of the diffuser. It is therefore advisable to clean up (also after a prolonged stop to use.) Proceed as follows:

1 - Unlock the USB drive in the first time

2 - Then clean the spreader with a cotton stem imbibed with alcohol, the outer parts, the location of the bottle and the head of the cap.

3 - Wash your hands after cleaning.

Review Penn'ty Bio

We were a little sceptical about the performance and use of this diffuser but after we discovered and tested it, we had to recognize that we were wrong. This broadcaster, though small, has nothing of a gadget. The process is ingenious, original and effective, it is convenient and easy to use. Without competing with a much more powerful turbine model, this diffuser is a good compromise.

A product that pleases ! (Customer reviews)

- "Very well, adjust the diffusion to the size of the room. Very easy to use on the other hand I find the diffuser bottle a little difficult to fill, with or without the pipette,!!!"

Very practical and effective. The ideal would be to have several small tanks. "

- "Perfect and very practical. Great it makes the smells I had in my office disappear."

- "I've had it for several weeks now and I'm not tired of it every day. Great product for the office!"

- "I think the pipette is not practical and fragile at all. I now use a long pipette that I found on the site, the one to clean I think!"

- "I'm in the south and I'm spreading anti-moustic, it smells strong but it's effective!"

- "A great practice to be able to plug it into the USB port, from time to time you hear a small pschitt and a little mist comes out of the hole."

- "I really like this small USB diffuser, personally I use the essential oil of lavender and it just diffuses what it takes, a slight subtle fragrance. It's a good idea of a cheap gift."

- "Perso I use it in my car for that I connect it to USB adapter which also serves to recharge my laptop or tablet. "

Video of the Keylia diffuser

Spare parts available for this model

-Reloads for Keylia USB diffuser(2 bottles + 2 caps + 2 locks)

The box contains

contenu de la boîte

1 - Connectable diffuser on a USB port.
2 - Dissemination area
3 - Distribution setting button
4 - Plastic cap of the diffuser
5 - Reservoir of essential oils
6 - Bottle of the tank and its wick
7 - Pipette

Keylia diffuser conformity guarantee

In case of failure during the warranty period (5 years), you must contact us so that together a diagnosis can be made. A set-up video can be asked so that we can see the malfunction.

If a breakdown is confirmed, your broadcaster will have to be full. In any case, don’t try to disassemble, or change the appliances, you would then lose all right to the warranty parts and hand of work.

The warranty does not support the break, or defects related to misuse or improper maintenance of the device (level of essential oils too high, uncleaned device regularly, ...).

Works on
Port usb
Surface covered
10 m2
Emission of noise
No noise
Automatic shutdown
Dry propulsion

Specific references

Click on a thumbnail to load the video

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Sur le principe produit intéressant mais je regrette la contenance qui est vraiment trop faible



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excellent product and cool too! the little incorporated bottle makes all the difference, meaning that the fragrance lasts longer. i kindly recomend it further! thank you Penn'ty Bio !

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Diffuseur keylia

Très pratique, un peu plus grand qu'une clé USB. Diffusion efficace avec possibilité de régler toutes les 10,20,30 secondes.
Seul inconvénient le sens du branchement USB, dans ma voiture le diffuseur se retrouve vers le bas et les huiles essentielles se collent sur le plastique au niveau des boutons (chauffage, vitres...)


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Penntybio .

Réponse de Penn'Ty Bio

Navré que vous rencontriez un souci avec ce diffuseur USB. Nous n'avons pourtant que peu de retour sur ce modèle. Merci de vous rapprochez de nous afin de mieux comprendre les causes du dysfonctionnement.
Bien cordialement,
Penn'Ty Bio

Jean pierre B


Je suis déçu car la diffusion est inéxistante et de plus ça sent le brulé!!! Peut-être cela vient-il de l'appareil que j'ai reçu. Mais j'ai un doute sur les produits sur port USB pour ce genre d'application.


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Keylia USB diffuser - 10 m² - Innobiz

Finally a diffuser that fits on all USB ports and that does not heat up. Practical and silent to use, the Keylia diffuser releases essential oils using an ultrasonic misting process.

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