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The ventilation diffuser

The ventilation diffuser is a very simple diffusion process. Most ventilation diffusers work with a disposable drinker (cellulose chip) on which essential oils are deposited. The diffuser is activated, the fan blows this impregnated drink and propagates essential oils in your room. The diffusion of essential oils is cold, which fully preserves their properties. Very quiet (only the low sound of the fan), this type of diffuser is also uninterviewed as it is sufficient to replace the cellulose disc. Ventilation diffusers are basic, robust and will cover surfaces up to about 60 m2 (according to the models). This mode of diffusion remains less suited to aromatherapy because the ventilation will only blow part of the molecules at the beginning (the lightest, those called the head notes), then in a second time the other part of the molecules (the heaviest, those called the heart notes). However, ventilation still remains a perfect way to create an olfactory atmosphere.

Mistral ventilation diffuser - ambient image

Mistral ventilation diffuser - 40 m2 - Direct Nature

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The broadcaster Mistral offers a hygienic, efficient and secure method of diffusion of cold aroma. A cold air net vaporizes essential oils thus keeping all their beneficial properties.

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Diffuseur Mistral

Because broadcaster Mistral do not heat, you can use it safely, even when you sleep. It is a very simple diffuser of use and requires little maintenance. It will suit all those who want to discover aromatherapy without having any constraints.

This diffuser uses the innovative cold pulsed air technique. Thanks to this heatless diffusion mode, aromatic molecules retain all their properties.

A pleasant design, a robust construction; it can be left unattended, and kept in operation even at night and in the children's room, the elderly... since it does not heat and it does not contain glassware (no breaks). A filter cartridge accompanies the device that filters the dust particles or other, in which a few drops of essential oil are deposited from its choice.

The operation is simple. It has 2 ventilation speeds. To change the fragrance, you have to change the cartridge. A cartridge is provided with the device, and additional cartridges can be purchased. For pieces between 20 and 40 sqm, To discreetly perfume the atmosphere, without altering the properties of oils.

This diffuser can be used both by neophytes wishing to simply use essential oils as natural deodoriser, as well as the most experienced aromatherapy that cares to have a uninterrupted diffuser.
Hygienic (filter the dust) and efficient, the ventilation system allows the diffusion of aromas as could make it a soft breeze of air.


Cold pulsed air principle: A breath of cold air generated by a powerful very silent fan passes through a fabric imbibed with essential oils thus causing the aromatic molecules that spread into the atmosphere.


Total security: You can use it safely since it is without glassware that can break, without heat, without essential oils and producing little noise, this device can therefore be used unattended in all places without any restrictions, day or night, such as children's or elderly rooms, and even when the person sleeps.
Small, sturdy, and can cover up to 40 m2 you can use it and move it anywhere in the house (bedroom, living room, bathroom, office...) but also on your workplace, in a waiting room, in a medical office, ...


Technical characteristics of the Mistral diffuser
- Dissemination principle: By ventilation
- Maintenance: no special interview
- Switch: yes with 2 speeds
- No.
- Noise level measured at 20 cm: 50 db
- Size : Diameter : 130mm Height : 170mm
- Material: Plastic
- Warranty 1 year
- 220v CE


Mode of use of Mistral broadcaster
- The Mistral diffuser is sold with a cartridge already mounted
- Turn your device back to unscrew the cartridge in the opposite direction of the clock hands.
- Pour a few drops of essential oils on the felt.
- Position the cartridge (orate on the outside) and return it by turning in the direction of the needles of a watch to complete locking.
- To change the oil it is best to fully spread the one on the cartridge, or then use another cartridge sold separately.
- Place your diffuser on a flat surface, careful not to butcher the air input under the diffuser
- Connect the unit and press the switch (position 1:25m2 - position 2: 40m2, depending on the desired speed).


Mistral broadcaster interview
It does not require special maintenance and its filter cartridge simply replaces. Its cartridge is reusable several dozen times, moreover, it can be washed. Since essential oils are directly deposited on the cartridge, there is no reason to salt your diffuser, but if this happens, as any plastic use to clean it a sponge and a dish product.


Spare unit available for Mistral broadcaster
- Reload cartridge to unity


SAV diffuseur Mistral
In the event of a failure during the warranty period, you must contact us so that we can establish a diagnosis together.

If a breakdown is confirmed, your diffuser will have to be returned to us. In any case, don’t try to disassemble or modify the appliances, you would then lose all right to the 1-year warranty parts and hand of work.

The warranty does not support the break, or defects related to misuse or improper maintenance of the device (level of essential oils too high, uncleaned device regularly, ...).

Works on
Light effects
No light
Speed adjustment
2 speeds
Surface covered
40 m2
Emission of noise
Between 30 and 35 db
Automatic shutdown

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parfait !

une diffusion mécanique qui préserve les propriétés des HE
diffuseur très solide et efficace



efficacité: ventilation mécanique qui ne détériore donc pas les Huiles Essentielles


Diffuseur par ventilation

Diffuseur simple d'utilisation plutôt adapté aux petites surfaces pour profiter d'une ambiance parfumé.


Diffuseur mistral

Appareil comme sur la photo, livré en quelques jours.
Le diffuseur est pratique et plus doux au Niveau de l'odeur.



je suis très contente de cet achat il est très silencieux et convient parfaitement a une chambre d enfant. j ai fait un mélange de 5 d’huiles pour mon fils dont l’eucalyptus et la lavande afin de soulager ses bronches s et aussi i faciliter son endormissement.


Très bien

J'avais hésitez avec un autre modèle à ventilation. Je ne voulais pas d'un appareil compliqué (lumière, reglages, etc). Finalement, content de mon achat. Le ventilateur disperse efficacement mes huiles essentielles

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Mistral ventilation diffuser - 40 m2 - Direct Nature

The broadcaster Mistral offers a hygienic, efficient and secure method of diffusion of cold aroma. A cold air net vaporizes essential oils thus keeping all their beneficial properties.

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