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Micro diffusion diffuser

The micro-diffusion diffuser also known as nebulization remains the best way to maximize the therapeutic virtues of essential oils. The principle is simple and effective. A pump sends air in a glassware containing your essential oils. The air will expel and burst through the giffard system of the micro particles of oils inside the glassware. A smoke will then form (like a fog), loaded with millions of particles of essential oils. She\'ll get out of the glassware and spread into your room. The micro diffusion diffuser operates cold so that essential oils can not be altered and they can maintain all their benefits.


Light amber apple diffuser - 100 m2 - mood view

Diffuser retro apple amber light wood - 100 m2

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An original glassware, a discreet wooden base and a silent and powerful pump make this broadcaster Apple amber a beautiful decorative object but also a powerful sanitizer and interior purifier.

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The pump setting (2 speeds) allows a functional and economical diffusion adaptable to the size of your piece (40 to 100 m2). The glassware is equipped with sparkling LED lamps alternating colors that make it a unique, decorative and high-end design. Simple to use, this diffuser will bring you all the pleasures and benefits of aromatherapy.


The benefits of this diffuser Apple Ambre
Avantages du diffuseur Pomme Ambre


This diffuser, conditioned in a carton box has
- From a solid wood engine base Certified FSC© equipped with an insulated turbine pump phonically
- Of a switch and 2 electric speeds
- An automatic stop after 2 hours of broadcast.
- A timer 2 minutes of broadcast / 1 minute of stop. This system allows you not to saturate the essential oil parts.
- The base is equipped with a foam plate, to ensure greater stability and avoid noise-generating vibrations.
- Luminescent diodes illuminate glassware during diffusion.
- For optimum diffusion while limiting the risks of encroachment, the Giffard system mounted in the glassware is perfectly calibrated.

Verrerie Pomme ambre

The diffuser box includes
- 1 pyrex glassware with an adjustable silencer in all directions, 360°.
- 1 wooden base integrating the electric pump with its adapter and a manual


Technical specifications
- Noise level measured at 20cm: 40.4 db
- Measuring the consumption of essential oil with timer: 1.4 ml/h
- Power supply : Sector 220V - 50 Hertz - NORME CE
- Guaranteed 1 year
- Volumetric power of 40 to 100 m2
- Product dimensions: Height: 200 mm, Diameter of base: 130 mm
- Dimensions box: Length: 230 mm, width: 220 mm, height: 93 mm

Penn'Ty bio tips for the use and maintenance of your diffuser
- Never fill the glassware with essential oils you may deteriorate the pump (a diffuser that consumes between 1 to 2 ml per hour, 20 drops of essential oils are largely sufficient).
- Use only pure essential oils, never diluted with water or vegetable oil.
- When filling, never make essential oils flow along the glassware, they would risk long to damage the rubber ring.
- When cleaning, if you want to remove your glassware, be careful by removing the pipe, the glass tube is fragile.
- You can use essential citrus oils in your spreader, but be careful, avoid letting them dry, you'd miss the diffusion nozzle.
- Proceed from time to time to cleaning your glassware. Alcohol diffusion is a simple and effective way to always have optimal diffusion. Otherwise, for an irreproachable cleaning, chooseour glass cleaner


Note: In case your diffuser no longer works and if your pump "does noise" check if your glassware is not blocked (most common pane).


Our opinion: If you use it in accordance with the notice you should be able to benefit from its benefits for a very long time. It is exceptional to have breakdowns on this type of diffuser.


Video of the diffuser Amber Apple with clear wooden base

List of spare parts available for diffuser Apple Ambre light wooden base

- Light wooden base pump (delivered without transformer): octagonal base or base
- Glassware Apple Amber(delivered with his silencer)
- Silencers Apple Amber.


To fully enjoy your diffuser and limit the problems of soiling, we recommend using our special essential oils diffusion:

-Special synergies:25 mixtures available, for all tastes and situations or oursynergie diffusionincluding 6 bottles of 10 ml (Douces nuits, Douceur d'hiver, Excursion en forêt, Méditerranéen, Provence et Secret d'herboriste)

-Pure essential oils for diffusion:20 Pure Essential Oil References Penn'Ty Bio(in 30 ml or 100 ml) or our offers Penn'Ty Bio:Offer #1including these 7 bottles of 10 ml: Citron, Citronella, Eucalyptus globulus, Super Lavandin, Soft Orange, Cinole Romarin and Exotic Verveine) oroffer n°2including these 7 other 10 ml bottles: Tropical Basilic, Atlas Cedar, Eucalyptus globulus, Fine Lavender, Green Mandarine, Peached Mint and Ravintsara).


SAV diffuseur Apple Ambre
In case of failure during the warranty period (1 year), you must contact us so that together a diagnosis can be made. A set-up video can be asked so that we can see the malfunction. If a breakdown is confirmed, your diffuser will have to be returned to us.

Works on
Light effects
Changing colors
Speed adjustment
2 speeds
Surface covered
100 m2
Emission of noise
Between 35 and 40 db
Automatic shutdown
Clear wood

Specific references

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Produit esthétique et efficace.
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belle qualité

Très joli diffuseur.facile à utiliser les recommanderai à mon entourage

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Diffuser retro apple amber light wood - 100 m2

An original glassware, a discreet wooden base and a silent and powerful pump make this broadcaster Apple amber a beautiful decorative object but also a powerful sanitizer and interior purifier.

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