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Ultrasonic diffuser ELIA - 50 m2 - View 6

ELIA ultrasonic diffuser - 50 m² - Innobiz

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Diffuseur ELIAThe ELIA ultrasonic diffuser stands out for its original design and quality materials. It attracts attention when it diffuses essential oils in a soft mist, delicately illuminated by light light effects.

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Presentation by the Elia diffuser

Voir la vidéo du diffuseur ELIA

The essential oil diffuser Eliahas nothing to envy other market broadcasters. It will seduce you with its performance and design. It works on a water spraying technology. A few drops of essential water oils (15 drops maximum) to spread their odors and benefits in your interior. In addition, soft and tamized illumination thanks to built-in leds and its adjourned metal body will transform this diffuser into a real decoration object in your living rooms.

TheElia diffuser consists of 2 elements: a bamboo and metal mixing lid and a base.

Diffuseur d'huiles essentielles ELIA

Simple and efficient
The use of the Elia diffuser is very simple. Once the water tank is filled, you just need to exert a slight pressure on the top of its dressing to put it in operation. Dressed with bamboo and shaped metal, Elia uses ultrasonic diffusion technology to burn your essential oils. The colorful atmosphere brought for the integrated Leds is a real plus. It has an automatic shut-off system when the tank is empty.

Advantages of the Elia diffuser

+ Dissemination by cold spray of your essential oils
+ Warm and relaxing atmosphere thanks to changing and adjustable lights
+ Modern clothing. Noble materials in bamboo and shaped metal
+ Dissemination up to 50 m2
+ Stops automatically when the water level is too low
+ Light water volume that pleasantly moisturizes a dry air.

What is the principle of diffusion ?

The diffuser Elia works by noisy. Brumization is caused by the vibration of a very high frequency ceramic pellet that triggers ultrasound by its movement. This is why the ELIA broadcaster is ultrasonic by noisy.

Technical specifications

- Functions: Light Control - Water level sensor and automatic shutdown when the level is low
- Distribution area: up to 50 m2
- Dissemination time: On/off button integrated into the product
- Power: 12W
- Water tank capacity: 100 ml
- Product dimensions: Ø 150 mm - height 65 mm
- Packaging dimensions: H : 170mm - L : 170mm - Prof :143mm
- Power supply: 240V/50~60Hz
- Manufacturer warranty: 5 years

How does the Elia diffuser work ?

Diffuseur d'huiles essentielles ELIA

1 - The device must be placed on a horizontal and flat surface.
2 - Connect the mains adapter to the diffuser without plugging it onto a sector socket.
3 - Remove the lid
4 - Use tap water at room temperature (no demineralized water) to fill the base tank with a maximum of 100 ml (do not exceed the maximum level mark).
5 - Add 5 to 15 drops (maximum) of essential oils to spread in water.
6 - Replace the lid on the base.
7 - Connect the adapter sector to a mains socket.
8 - To turn on your ELIA, just press the top of the device. This gesture will activate the “feet button” under the device.

The successive pressures will offer you several operating modes :
1st pressure : mist + light with changing colors
2nd pressure : diffusion of mist + light fixed on the last color appeared
third pressure : mist without light
4th pressure : the aircraft turns off (no mist or light)

In a few minutes, essential oils will scent your interior, and clean up your atmosphere.

ELIA diffuser maintenance

1 - Make sure your device is off.
2 - Unplug the mains adapter, then disconnect the sector adapter from the Elia diffuser base.
3 - Remove the lid
4 - Empty the remaining water from the tank.
5 - Use a cotton-tige or a clean soft cloth to gently clean the inside of the Elia diffuser base. Be careful not to press too hard on the ceramic disc. This cleaning is recommended every 3 uses. 

Video of the ELIA misting diffuser

What is it made up of ?

Montage et contenu du diffuseur ELIA

The box contains
1 - The essential oil diffuser ELIA
2 - A sector adapter
3 - Une notice


ELIA consists of the following elements
A - A lid
B - A base with
1 - A ceramic disc
2 - Maximum water level (100 ml)
3 - Air out
4 - A "button foot" of operation (under the device)
C - A sector adapter

ELIA diffuser conformity guarantee

In the event of a failure during the warranty period (5 years), you must contact us so that we can establish a diagnosis together. A set-up video can be asked so that we can see the malfunction.

If a breakdown is confirmed, your broadcaster will have to be full. In any case, don’t try to disassemble, or change the appliances, you would then lose all right to the warranty parts and hand of work.

The warranty does not support the break, or defects related to misuse or improper maintenance of the device (water level or essential oils too high, uncleaned device regularly, etc.)

Works on
Light effects
Fixed light
Light effects
Changing colors
Speed adjustment
Fixed 1 speed
Surface covered
50 m2
Emission of noise
Less than 30 db
Automatic shutdown
Clear wood

Specific references

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Excellent !

Je suis vraiment enchantée de cet achat !
Ma soeur était ravie par ce cadeau.
Il est encore mieux que je pensais et si j'en avais l'utilité, j'en achèterais un 2ème.
Merci et également pour les bons renseignements.


Diffuseur ultrasonique ELIA

Diffuseur à Utilisation facile, il est joli - Diffusion légère avec l'eau... Est il aussi efficace qu'un diffuseur classique, uniquement avec huile essentielle pure ?????

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ELIA ultrasonic diffuser - 50 m² - Innobiz

Diffuseur ELIAThe ELIA ultrasonic diffuser stands out for its original design and quality materials. It attracts attention when it diffuses essential oils in a soft mist, delicately illuminated by light light effects.

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