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Ecofly flies trap - 0% biocide - ecolign

Traps window ecofly - 0% biocide - ecolign

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The Ecofly window flies trap is a bait 100% natural to Domestic use for fight flies daily. It is used on the windows in every room in the house.

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Les avantages du piège à moustiques et mouches

When the sun shines again, the days lie down and we wish to aerate to the maximum its interior, it is the time that the flies choose to invade our homes. They sit on you all the time, tickle your arms and legs, invite you to your plates and enjoy the crumbs you leave behind. In addition to being difficult to bear, flies are carriers of bacteria and can weave your food. It is therefore essential to limit the invasion and proliferation of these flying pests.

The Ecofly window flies trap is a real innovation in the natural fight against flies. A product without insecticide, odorless and safe for you, your children and your pets.


The principle of this window flies trap
The principle is based on the attraction of this insect with shiny and reflective surfaces. The reverberation of the sun on the brilliant silver of the trap will strongly attract them. As soon as she wants to sit there, they will be trampled by the adhesive part. A simple idea but which works extremely well. As soon as the weather becomes stormy, the temperatures rise and the sun passes through your windows or windows generously, it's time to set a trap.

Cible mouches


The + of this mosquito trap and flies
+ 0% biocide - 100% natural for domestic use
+ Inodore and without insecticide
+ Ecological product that can be safely handled
+ Design, more sober and discreet than usual traps
+ Undeniable effectiveness on flies
+ Inner use
+ Proven laboratory effectiveness
+ Manufacture française


Piège Ecofly - Efficacité prouvée en laboratoire

Trap with 0% biocide
This trap is a real innovation in the fight against flies on a daily basis. Totally odourless and insecticide-free, this product can be handled safely. The bait is natural, being made of only a shiny reflective surface. The yellow color of the trap was also not randomly chosen. This color attracts flies. Neutral glue applied to all surfaces is glued to the insect even before it notices it! The attraction and trapping of flies was proven in the laboratory at 90% in less than 5 hours (and 100% in less than 6 hours). And the big advantage over a classic fly trap is that there is no view of the sticky flies since the sticky part is located outside of your room (like a flies ribbon for example:)).


Targeted parameters: Effective on domestic flies.


10 unusual facts on flies

1 - A fly can have up to 4 trillions of descendants!
2 - Its wings can reach 300 beats per second
3 - There are over 30,000 species of flies around the world
4 - The flies have only two wings, unlike other insects
5 - The flies have 4000 lentils per eye and a 360° vision, but they are mainly in motion
6 - The flies hold the ceiling thanks to a sticky substance that secretes their legs
7 - The flies taste receptors are on their feet and are 10 million times more sensitive than a human language
8 - The flies rub their legs regularly, not to plot, but to prevent dust from taking in their sensors
9 - On average, a defecated fly every 4 to 5 minutes
10 - The fly carries more than 2 million bacteria on its body

Where should I place it?
The ecological flies trap can be used in all housing parts. The only imperative is to place it on a glass surface so that the sun can reverberate well on the parts of the trap (window, glassed bay, etc.).


Direction of employment

Mode d'emploi du piège à mouches Ecofly Ecolign


1 - Open the hermetic bag with scissors.
2 - Remove the operculum from the self-adhesive tablet to the back of the trap.
3 - Fix the trap in a corner of the window
4 - Take the sheet to be inserted into the trap and take off the protective film, then place in the flies trap.
5 - Change the adhesive leaf when filled with flies.


Composition: A trap, 2 adhesive tapes (including 1 recharge), glue neutral adhesive.

Duration of protection by trap: It is difficult to give a duration. Everything depends on how the area is infested. The more flies there are, the less time it lasts.


Precautions of employment
Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry place.


Packaging:Delivered in a 100% recyclable bag containing all the elements of the trap.

For more information on flies, please consult our special file.



Types of insects
Flying insects
Ready for employment
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Traps window ecofly - 0% biocide - ecolign

The Ecofly window flies trap is a bait 100% natural to Domestic use for fight flies daily. It is used on the windows in every room in the house.

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