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The Silvan, a cupboard pest !


Who's the silvan?

Le silvan - Oryzaephilus surinamensisLatin name: Oryzaephilus surinamensis
Order: Coloptera
Family: Silvanidae
Size: 1.5 to 3.5 mm
Location: kitchen
Period: all year


What you need to know about the silvan

Of tropical origin, this insect can only live in homes. Not well known, it also bears the name of dentelé cucujide of the grains. It mainly infests oat, but also wheat, barley, animal food, linen and sunflower seeds. It also infests mill products and processed products, dried fruits and packaged foods.

So you can find it frequently in all your starch-based foods such as flour, bread, biscuit but also dried fruits, candy, tea, ...


The female lays on average about 150 eggs, which she deposits in bulk on the infested commodity. The overall development that is based on temperature, food and humidity requires 3 to 10 weeks; the lower development limit is 18° C.

These larvae are white to pale yellow and flattened.

The nymph is free or protected by a cocoon made of grain particles.

The silvan prefers high temperatures, but it can tolerate low relative humidity. It can survive the rigors of Canadian winters in unheated facilities, which means its resistance.


Very prolific and capable of living up to 3 years, this insect is particularly dangerous for your food reserves.


How to eliminate the silvan ?

For optimum efficiency, methodically :

1. Take a large garbage bag and throw everything that is not in a fully hermetic box, even the products that seem impeccable.
2. Pass the vacuum cleaner in all corners and corners of the closet or reserve.
3. Fill a hot water basin + product dishes + Disinfectant ( bio of course!). Using a brush, rub the whole cupboard without forgetting any corners.
4. When everything is dry, deal with ours insecticide 4J diluted to 5% the whole cupboard (see 500 ml for 5m2 treated surface). If you have substantial surfaces (up from 25 to 30 m2), we advise you to leave on the same insecticide, but underits concentrated form. You will then need to dilute it with water in a 5% sprayer (or 50ml pure insecticide for 950 ml of water).

5. Put in various places in the closet a few Food anti-mite bags. Yes, you've read well! What works against the food machine will work on the silvan! The margosa and the essential oil of the bay that they contain will radically remove them. Our crawling and flying insect barrier will also keep them away.

6. All you have to do is put all your food back in the closets, but still in totally hermetic boxes.

7. If you have any butterflies that fly, either in the room or in your closets, you can eliminate them permanently or with our bombs. Insecticide Ecodooor flying insecticide Aries. Finally, in the field of fumigation, we can also quote fogger Habitat Biovétol. This product will yield good results on this type of insect. Insecticide based on plant-based assets (pyrethre + géraniol), intended for the background treatment of habitat. Very volatile, the solution is deposited in the smallest corners where pests and insects are located. Immediate and prolonged action, up to 4 months.

The products you need against silvans

Insecticide 4J diluted 5% - All insects -...

Ready-to-use  4J insecticide diluted to 5% . With this concentration, you will destroy  most flying and crawling insects  very quickly....
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4J Insecticide concentrate with plant...

4J insecticide concentrate to be diluted. Effective against a large number of crawling and flying insects in our homes. Available in...
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Fogger Habitat with plant-based active...

This is fogger composed of plant-based assets is intended for the background treatment of the habitat in case of infestation by mites,...
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Here's what the silvan looks like in motion