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Logo Martin Sellier

Martin Sellier is a company specialising in the manufacture of accessories for dogs and cats. Its reputation is due to the superior quality of their products. They offer you a range of articles made exclusively in France and in Europe.

They take care to reduce as much as possible their environmental impact from the manufacturing process to the distribution. Their packaging is designed with recycled and recyclable materials.

In order to offer you even more products, Martin Sellier is always looking to innovate and offer you new styles, new materials and new functions.

Their promise : Animal welfare through all their products and accessories.

CREATE, their profession

MARTIN SELLIER began its passion for the trade more than 50 years ago in the design and manufacture of leather saddlery with impeccable performance. With this expertise, MARTIN SELLIER is committed to rigorously selecting high quality raw materials and testing the performance of its new products in all areas.

A team of 5 designers creates products with exclusive designs in order to offer new materials and new designs in line with customers' expectations.

INNOVATE, constantly

MARTIN SELLIER listens to the market and offers new products throughout the year. Variety of styles, new materials, new functionalities, aestheticism according to the fashion of the moment, we will know how to surprise you.

RESPECT, the environment

Throughout our manufacturing and distribution processes we aim to reduce our impact on the environment. Most of our packaging is made of recycled or recyclable materials. We use barge transport in part. We offer, for example, a range of 100% natural rubber toys and bamboo cat trees for the well-being of the planet and the animal.

MANUFACTURING, a resolutely Franco-European manufacturing process

In order to offer new products on a regular basis and to control the quality of its products, MARTIN SELLIER has chosen to relocate its production in Europe, either through its own factories or through European partners. We have gone from 6% in 2006 to 60% of products manufactured in Europe today. Martin Sellier now has 4 production sites in France and 1 in Spain as well as European partners.

DISTRIBUTION, a worldwide distribution

MARTIN SELLIER has customers in 53 countries and is doing everything possible to satisfy even more customers throughout the world.

Their credo :


A team at your service, availability and competence are the two watchwords at Martin Sellier.

30 people in the sales team in France to meet your expectations.

Exclusive sales representatives, equipped with order entry terminals. Regular visits to sales outlets, market analysis... They provide you with real follow-up and advise you on how to optimise your shelves to the maximum.

An export sales team in permanent contact with our foreign customers and partners.

A telephone reception. Our sales assistants will provide you with a special welcome in order to inform you in all areas: orders, delivery and transport times, etc.

an efficient LOGISTICS centre

New premises inaugurated in 2012 - 12,000 m2 logistics centre.

Capacity of 13,800 pallets - 12 loading bays

Thanks to its WMS (Warehouse Management System), MARTIN SELLIER ensures personalised and optimised processing of your orders. The constantly evolving computer system and our organisation allow for quality order preparation.

WELL-BEING, to serve you better

A modern and spacious working environment for the well-being of its employees enables MARTIN SELLIER to offer you the best as well.

PROFESSIONAL EQUALITY INDEX WOMEN/MEN (for the year 2022 for the 2021 data) :

- Indicator relating to the gap in the rate of individual increases: 16.21%. Population for which the gap is favourable: women.

- Indicator relating to the % of employees who received a raise in the year following their return from maternity leave: 100%.

- Indicator relating to the number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 employees with the highest salaries: Result in number of employees of the under-represented sex: 4

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