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Praïa solaires


Who is Praïa Solaires ?

Logo Praïa solaires

The Praïa brand has the slogan “Transform the sun into caresss” in addition to being the name of the capital of Green Cape and the translation of the beach word into Portuguese. Praia solars manufactures in France, in the Vaucluse, a complete range of natural and certified Cosmos Organic sun protections, suitable for adults and children.

The products are tested dermatologically. These solar treatments are water resistant and suitable for all skins including the most sensitive. UV protection is 100% mineral and non-chemical filter, so your skin is naturally protected from UVA and UVB. You have the choice between the index 30 and 50 for sun cream in body spray and index 50 to protect your sun face.

Thus, with the Praia sun creams, the natural composition does not harm your body and the oceans, especially corals.

The texture of sun care is not fat, pleasant to apply and wear for a whole day with a sweet coconut fragrance.

Finally, the Praia Solaires brand supports the Cabo Verde Nature association which fights for the protection of turtles.

With Praia natural sun creams, you take care of yourself and the planet. !

Praïa solaires, sécurité anti UVA UVB


Security: Highly effective protection formulas

The 100% Mineral Defense Mineral UV system effectively and instantly protects against UVA/UVB. All products with protection index have been tested IN VIVO ' IN VITRO.

Enriched by a natural asset complex (Buddleja Officinalis and Centella Asiatica), PRAÏA solars protect the skin from free radicals and premature photo-aging. Water resistant formulas, tested and very well tolerated on sensitive skin*.

* Tests of uses on 25 volunteers with sensitive skin

Praïa solaires, textures sensorielles et plaisir


Pleasure: sensory textures and pleasure

Sensory and delicately fragrant suns with notes of tiare flowers and coconut for a pure escape moment. They offer the perfect combination of protection and pleasure thanks to non-sticky, non-fat and white textures.

Formulas tested and approved by 75 people:
- 100% appreciated the comfort of textures to the application*
- 100% found that the sunshine did not leave a white effect on the skin*
- 76% enjoyed the perfume*

* Tests performed by 75 people for 15 days on the following references: SPF 30 Solar Spray, SPF 50 Solar Spray, SPF 50 Solar Spray.

Praïa solaires, une protection naturelle


Naturality: Natural protection

The chemical filters used in most of the market's solar creams are allergic and endocrine disruptors for humans, responsible for bleaching coral and poisoning of marine animals. Mineral screens are the only alternative: titanium dioxide & zinc oxide. They act as a shield by reflecting the rays of the sun, and as soon as they come into contact with the skin.

PRAÏA has selected titanium dioxide to preserve your skin as well as nature.

Its formulas are certified COSMOS ORGANIC and composed of a minimum of:
- 97% natural and minimum ingredients
- 20% organic ingredients

Praïa solaires, responsable et engagée


Ethics: a responsible and committed brand

At Praïa, they strive to limit the impact of the brand on the environment:
- Products made in France
- Range without sleeves
- Recycled cardboard displays
- PRAÏA reverses 1% of its sales to L'ONG Cabo Verde Natura 2000, an association that protects Boa Vista* turtles since 1998.

* Third largest reserve in the world for Caretta turtles


Zoom in on the actions of Cabo Verde Natura 2000

Cabo Verde Natura 2000 was founded in 1998 as part of a LIFE project, which gave its name to the NGO. From the outset, the organization develops several projects and initiatives for the protection, conservation and management of the environment, the natural resources of Cape Verde, and the social development of the local population.

The collaboration of local, national and international organizations and institutions, through grants and assistance, is the source of a large number of conservation and cooperation projects to help and protect the natural resources of this archipelago.

The aims of the association:
- To preserve the natural resources of Cape Verde by adequate management, focusing mainly on key or threatened Aboriginal species, such as marine turtles, birds, marine mammals, etc.
- To promote the training of local and international staff; focus on academics following environmental studies, but remain open to all interested persons.
- Raising awareness of the local population about the use and sustainable management of the natural resources of the archipelago.
- Improve basic infrastructure that contributes to the development of the Cape Verdean people (education, sanitation, water supply, etc.)

Praïa solaires, responsable et engagée


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