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Brunnort soap factory

Logo Savonnerie Brunort


A family story

In the 1950s, Bernard Bruère, a former agricultural worker, began to manufacture automotive maintenance products (for bodywork and tires) and a workshop soap for garages. Its dough soap was originally made with natural products.

And then two of his children took over. Dont Pascal who in the workshop (a former stable), mixes the ingredients in a baker's kettle, gets the Green Paste that it makes flow in green pots. Soap "The Green Pâte" was born. In order to formalize the organic characteristics of the soap, La Pâte Verte has now been certified by the ECOCERT body "ecological and biological cosmetic products".

Since 2019, Arthur Bruère has been the third generation of the company. Bernard's little son (founder in 1962) and Pascal's nephew, the manufacture of organic soap the Green Pâte remains in the family giron and the artisanal mode of production remains unchanged.


The commitments of the Savonnerie Brunort

Savon bio la Pâte Verte - Savonnerie Brunort

A handicraft and conscientious manufacture in accordance with the norms of ecological ethics. ECOCERT has certified the products. The soap La Pâte verte :

- Respect the skin because it contains no aggressive or dangerous ingredients like solvents.

- Protects attacks through glycerin and organic vegetable oils that soften.

- Sure. It is made with vegetable and organic glycerin raw materials, sunflower oils, olive and coconut. Without preservatives or animal fat in accordance with the law.

- Respect the environment. Soluble, without plastic microbeads, without solvent or VOCs, it is safe for water and air.

- Is certified BIO by ECOCERT 32600 Isle Jourdan contains 99.91% of ingredients of natural origin and 16.85% of the total ingredients are derived from Organic Agriculture.

- Is a soap made in France (in the Sarthe) by a family company concerned with respect to the health of people and nature.


The magic of the green paste

The texture could be similar to marshmallow. This chlorophyll-colored organic soap is a scholarly blend of natural products: lin, sunflower, coconut, corn, all saponified (transformed in soap) with potash. The solvent-free mixture then incorporates calcium carbonate, soft almond oil and vegetable glycerin, imported straight from Colombia. The green color? A chlorophyll based colorant. Based on these ingredients, the soap was certified in 2008 by Ecocert, an approved control and certification body.


Savon bio la Pâte Verte - Savonnerie Brunort


Multi-use soap par excellence

The Savon La Pâte Verte is an organic soap for the hands, an original formulation that allows the skin to be cleaned perfectly and smoothly. A soft but active consistency slowly melting by emulsifying the spots that eliminate rinsing.

The Savon La Pâte Verte is used after all dirty work: wet your hands, take a little hazelnut of soap, rub, insist on stains and rinse. The Savon La Pâte Verte can be used very repeatedly without any inconvenience. It does not cause skin drying or irritation, so your hands are clean and soft. Biodegradable, it can be used everywhere without risk of pollution. It is easily rinsed even with sea water.

The Savon La Pâte Verte can be used:

On wet hands for any type of dirt: Cambouis, inks, fat, fuel, earth, resin ...

On a wet sponge, on any support: Plastic, stainless steel, copper, porcelain, fabrics, leather, glass, cooking plate, sink, bathroom; car, gel coat of boat ...

The packaging is not bulky, convenient. It closes easily to protect soap and is recyclable. No waste, if dry soap: moisten it with water.

Organic soap La Pâte Verte

La Pâte Verte organic soap is essential for DIYers and trades where you get your hands dirty! It cleanses the skin perfectly and...
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