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Purchase amount to benefit from discount codes

Bons plans d'été 2022

To make the most of this summer 2022, save now by taking advantage of our good plans.

with the promo code:BONPLAN05
- 5% from 65€ of purchases*

with the promo code:BONPLAN08
- 8 % from 85€ of purchases*

with the promo code:BONPLAN10
- 10% from 150€ purchases*

* Amount included, excluding shipping costs.
Reduction codes No.cumulative with promotions In progress.


How to apply this discount code?

Utiliser un code promotionnel

It is very easy to apply the discount code. When you show the summary of your shopping cart, you will see this small box (visuel above) summarizing the current offers that can be used.

If the amount of your basket has reached the required minimum, you just need to either click on one of the 3 codes and validate by OK, or manually enter it in the promo code field and validate by OK.

The discount will then automatically apply in your cart.


Period of use of reduction codes

This offer is limited in time. These reduction codes will only apply over the following period: From 15 July to 31 July 2022 included.



1 - These reduction codes are not applicable on current outputs promotions.

2 - These reduction codes not cumulativewith loyalty offers, no other offers or code in progress.


I can't run the code, why?

If one of the codes does not apply, several explanations are possible:

1- The code entered is not the right one. Attention, may be have you grasped the number 0 instead of the letter 0.

2-The required amount is not reached. Attention, for example, we talk about 65 € of product value included, excluding shipping costs.

Example:Before applying the code, your shopping cart has a total amount of 67,90 €, including shipping costs. By observing more closely, you will see that the sum of the products is €37.10. The €3.90 is the cost automatically applied to the shipping cost. You cannot apply this code in this case. A "Not valid" message will be displayed. As soon as the basket reaches 65€ of product, the BONPLAN05 code works.

3 -BONPLAN codes do not count products in promotions that you have in your cart.

Example:You have in your cart 60 euros of products in promotion but also 10 euros of products out of promotion, or a total cart of 70 euros. By applying the BONPLAN05 code, the 5% discount will only apply on the 10 euros of non-promotion products (i.e., €0.50). Conversely, you have in your cart 70 euros of non-promotion products, the discount of 5% will then apply on these 70 euros (or 3,50€).

4 -You can only apply a fidelity discount code at the same time as one of the above mentioned codes. Sorry! It's either one or the other!

5-The code is expired. This code is only valid for the period shown above.

For any other unexplained reasons, think about contact us