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Protect insects with natural bodily repellants

Summary Body Repellants

Protection corporelle naturelle contre les insectesIn synthetic products are mainly found: ir3535 or aminopropionate, D.E.E.T or diethyltoluamide, kbr 3023 or picardine or Bayrepel®.
You will find in the trade a hundred references under fifteen different brands that use these active principles. but be careful, repulsives respond to cosmetic legislation and no test of efficacy or safety in humans is mandatory.

Effectiveness and duration of action are very variable depending on the concentration of the product. Based on the tests carried out on the island of the meeting on the aedes mosquito, the repellants containing deet concentrated to 25% would be the most effective. more effective or not, the most used bodily repulsion in the world and the oldest remains.
Deet-based bodily repellants
Synthesis repellants can be found based on deet below concentrations of 10 to 50% (nearly approval would forbid the products ✱ to 30). %.
According to the manufacturers, 30% of the deet would be absorbed by the skin. it would then accumulate in body fat for a long time and could cross the placenta. by prudence, it is therefore not recommended for babies under 6 months and pregnant women.

Protection corporelle naturelle contre les insectesFor children under 12 who have a more permeable skin than ours and who can contaminate their eyes, nose and mouth, it is recommended use preparations with a maximum of 10% deet.

Based on some studies, the best efficiency was achieved with preparation containing 23.8% deet.

In summary, the use of a deet-based insect repellent:

1 - Would not present any potential danger to adults if used for a short period of time (for example, on a holiday).

2 - Using lower concentrations does not alter the degree of protection but the duration of protection is shorter.

3 - For children and pregnant women, it should only be used as a last resort and if its employment is justified (travel in unwelcome areas).

4 - For purchase, ask for advice from your pharmacist and avoid concentrations of 30.% for adults and ✱10% for children.

Natural bodily repellants

Protection corporelle naturelle contre les insectesBased on the tests carried out on the island of the meeting on the aedes mosquito, it seems that essential oils and essences, including lemongrass, are not effective (less than 30 minutes) especially if there is wind. impregnated bracelets and ultra-sound devices, as well as downloadable "software" have been ineffective. combined products containing sun protections and/or several repulsive agents are not recommended.

This confirms the opinions of experts that indicate that the only active ingredient of natural origin recognized effective in tropical environment, capable of competing synthetic products, is'eucalyptus citriodora extract (p-menthane-3,8-diol, also known as paramenthane-3,8-diol, pmd, or menthoglycol).
This does not mean that natural repulsives are not effective but if it is hot and you sweat a lot, these repulsives will be quickly degraded and it will have to be put back more regularly.

In essential oil-based repellants mixed with vegetable oils, milk or lotion, lemongrass, geranium and possibly eucalyptus, lavender are usually found.

  1. Depending on the concentration, temperature, southing, this preparation will an efficiency of 10 minutes at a maximum of a few hours.
  2. In general except for contraindication, they are usable by the whole family, except babies who need, by the finesse of their skin, specific preparation.
  3. The concentrations used and the choice of essential oils should not normally pose special problems to pregnant women.

We have selected for you 100% natural products, composed exclusively of essential oils and vegetable oils.

Repellents based on eucalyptus citriodora or citriodiol

Protection corporelle naturelle contre les insectesIn 2007, the afssaps expert group gives a favourable opinion to the use of citriodiol (20 to 50,)% but only from 30 months. the research institute for the development(IRD) of Montpellier in January 2006 recommends it, starting from 3 months.
Then why citriodiol, whose active substance is derived from an extract of eucalyptus essential oil is recommended by aafssaps from 30 months and by ird from 3 months ?
The recommendation of afssaps is not due to tests or tests but is based on the analogy of structure of citriodiol with the terpenes, biochemical family that is regularly found in essential oils and considered neurotoxic in the young child. products based on terpenes may, in children under 30 months of age, decrease the epileptogenic threshold (convulsions).

The citriodiol (also calledp-methane-3 ,8-diol or PMD) is in small quantity in essential oil extracted from eucalyptus citriodora leaves.
This tree originating from Australia, is now cultivated in many hot regions around the world.
Refined oil that contains about 64% of pmd (a mixture of cis and trans isomers of p-menthane-3 ,8-diol) has been notified as a biocide product in the e (directive of biocide products (bpd) 98/8/EC) under the commercial name citriodiol (pmdrbo)
It is, for the moment, the only natural derivative active ingredient that can be used as insect repellent in the United States and in europe.
The pmd can also be synthesized but a study would have found that repulsives containing synthesis pmd would not be as effective as those containing natural pmd. This study also shows that natural amd-based repellants would be as effective as the deet (with the same concentrations).

Our natural products to protect you

We offer 5 natural body protections whose active ingredient is pmd (eucalyptus citriodora):

1 - The Roller for skin Penntybio concentrated at 10% in eucalyptus citriodora but also in aloe vera, it has a double function: it removes spicy insects and moisturizes your skin. a 2 in 1 ideal to go on holiday serenely.

2 -TheSkin spray Penntybio25% concentrate in eucalyptus citriodora and which contains no gas, no product of synthetic origin, no alcohol but only vegetable oil.

3 - The Spray lotion Anti-moustics or Anti-tics brand Aries, concentrated at 20% composed of aloe verra and jojoba oil that makes this lotion particularly soft for the skin and which according to the manufacturer can therefore be used on children from 6 months.

4 - Theskin repulsive balm Aries which combines lemony eucalyptus but also moisturizing and nourishing assets such as soft almond and shea butter). formulated as a small 50 ml balm, it is suitable for the most sensitive skins. it can be used as early as 6 months but also for ceinete women.

5 - To end this moisturizing mosquito lotion which, in addition to effectively protecting your skin from stinging, will moisturize your skin with the shea butter it contains.

Skin insect repellent lotion spray

Penntybio insect repellent body lotion , thanks to its active ingredient, Eucalyptus citriodora extract , is effective against...
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And now 3 specific natural repulsives to apply directly to your géraniol-based textiles:

1 - The rInsect pulse textiles Penntybio will obviously push them mosquitos but also other insects as bees, bees, ticks, flies, ants, etc.

2 - The repulsive mosquitoes textiles Aries, concentrated at 2.9% of géraniol. without deet. product ecocontrol et label cse

3 - The repulsive ticks textiles Aries, concentrated at 2.97% of géraniol. without deet. product ecocontrol et label cse

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Some information on bodily repellants

  • In case of need, sun protection must have penetrated the skin and a 20-minute delay is advised before applying a body repellant.
  • No repulsive is 100% effective.%, 40% of the stitches being done through clothing, therefore, it is necessary in tropical areas, in addition to body protection, to impregnate your clothes with our specific textile products or by a permethrin-type synthetic repellant.
  • To remove body protection for the night, it is best to sleep under a mosquito net.
  • Predict a 50ml repulsive bottle for about 2 weeks.
  • Bodily repulsives have a maximum of 6 to 8 hours of action on the ground.
  • Side effects of repellants, such as skin burns or irritations seem quite common. these reactions usually disappear in a few hours at the stop of the application.
  • Lemon essential oil is the most allergic repulsive. this oil is photosensitive.
  • All repellants are toxic if swallowed.
  • Avoid contact with lips, eyes and eyelids. No complete brushing of the body. no more than 3 applications a day.

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