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Lime water - 500 ml - ecological drug

Lime water - 1 liter - La Droguerie Ecologique

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Lime water is mainly used to cleanse and protect the infant's skin. It is a well-known traditional drugstore product for the manufacture of liniment (oleo-limestone) for babies or make-up remover. It can also be used to make frescoes on fresh lime plaster or to add limestone to aquarium corals. 1 liter bottle.

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L'eau de chaux

Ingredient essential of oleo-calcare lining, lime water is a natural alternative to many products to clean and soothe baby butts! As a masking and cleansing of the face, the liniment also responds present.

But his benefits don't stop there. Beyond its use in cosmetics, lime water is recognized to kill pests and various pests hiding from the bark of fruit trees (fungicide action). Aquariophiles may also be used to preserve the vital calcium rate for the development of certain species such as lime algae, shell molluscs and hard corals. The decorative rendering obtained by coatings, lime paints and frescoes is exceptional, especially a unique velvety inside and outside. You can therefore create frescoes on fresh coatings with lime water.

A multi-use product that is therefore very useful in your daily life. It can be used in family drugs, pharmacy and cosmetology, but also in many domestic work.

Lime water has a very high pH and is corrosive, so it should never be applied to the skin under pain of burns. Mixed with a fat body, and after emulsion, the application is safe.


Lime water, what is it?
Lime water is a product that originates in limestone, a natural rock found in abundance on Earth. The lime has been used since the night of time in construction or building, in particular.

Composition de l'eau de chaux

The limestone is derived from a sedimentary rock, the limestone (CaCO3). To get it, it is enough to wear limestone blocks at very high temperature, around 900°C. A white powder, called bright lime, is also known as calcium oxide (CaO). There are several kinds of limes. Bright lime is the powder directly obtained after calcination. If it is moisturized, the bright lime turns into extinct lime also known as aerial lime and known as calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2). This transformation is also accompanied by a strong heat release. And the last lime you are likely to know is hydraulic lime. In this case, the limestone used is often impure and composed of other rocks like clays. Hydraulic lime is, like air lime, obtained after hydration.

Lime water is a saturated solution of calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2, produced by mixing air lime with water. The air lime dissolves (lowly) in the water and the filter is the lime water.

The definition is therefore very simple, lime water is only a solution of water and lime.


The benefits of lime water
+ Ideal for making your home products
+ Reacts with vegetable oils to form a lining
+ Alcalinizing agent: increases the pH of acid preparations (and thus reduce acidity)
+ Detergent properties, antiseptic, fungicide and cleaner
+ Perfect for making liniment, face lotion, cleansing, moisturizing cream ...
+ Make yourself your decorative coatings of interiors or exteriors
+ Used for a long time in paediatrics against infant colic


Different uses of lime water
Recipe of oleo-calcaire lining: Prepare a mixture of 50% lime water and 50% vegetable oil (e.g. olive oil). To promote emulsion, it is possible to add an emulsifying wax to the mixture (1 per cent). Make small quantities each time so that the emulsion can hold well and the oil does not oxide (the smell of rance). Adding essential oil from Lavande Fine (a few drops) can also bring healing and soothing skin properties. The coating is used for example on washable towels, to clean and soothe a baby’s buttocks. It is recommended not to rinse after use.

Cosmetics: Cleaning or cleaning lotion : The resulting preparation called liniment can also be used as a masker for the face. Attention to the eyes in case of the addition of essential oil.

Lime water has a very high, basic or alkali pH. Added to your home cosmetics, it allows to alcanize them (i.e. increase their pH) and thus reduce their acidity (such as soda bicarbonate).

Health: Burns, irritated skin, eczema: The preparation obtained called liniment has soothing properties. It can therefore be useful on an irritated, burned or even on an eczema.

Domestic use:

- Pure lime water provides calcium and maintains the alkalinity of an aquarium to promote the proper development of certain animal species.

- Thanks to its antiseptic, fungicide and cleansing properties, lime water will do miracles to kill parasites (insects) and various harmful fungi hiding in the gardens of fruit trees (called tree white for this use). An application every two years in the middle of winter on pre-brown trunks and up to the first branches is effective protection

- In construction, the lime water is interesting for the humidification of the supports, especially the case, for the realization of fine coatings (stucs, tadelakt...) or a badigeon. Lime water can be used in fresco paint to dissolve pigments, protect the surface and create decorative sails. In the construction it allows to consolidate stones and mortars.

- Lime water also serves in a culinary process, nixtamalisation, to improve the nutritional quality of certain foods, such as corn. The Asians use it to prepare for the cooking of fruit and vegetables which, without this pre-dip technique, would go into a compote. This allows vegetables or fruits, once cooked, to remain firm so presentable, while being cooked inside. In the past, eggs (monthly) were retained by plunging them into an air lime solution.


Good to know about lime water
Close the lime water bottle after using it: the lime water reacts to the contact of carbon dioxide in the air: a fine white film (calcare) can thus form on the surface. Lime water is a liquid initially colourless but in the presence of carbon dioxide, it takes a bleaching color: it is said that lime water is disturbed. It does not alter its properties. If so, you can filter the liquid.


Composition : 30 % Water,

Technical specifications : No smell. pH: 12.5 +/- 1. Density: 1,3 g / cm3


Packaging : 1 litre bottle in recyclable PET


Precautions of employment : Lime water can be irritating pure on the skin. Its pH is very basic and could cause burns. Once mixed with a vegetable oil, a reaction as well as an emulsion is formed, then there is no danger (if the emulsion fades, shake the bottle well in order to reform it before each use). Always use it diluted in a vegetable oil-based preparation. It is best to store its lime water at room temperature, away from heat (lower than 30°C), away from light and air.
Attention: The income provided on this page is indicative. We are not responsible for the use and results obtained by the water of lime “Environmental Drugs” for the realization of care and cosmetic products. It is up to you to check the conformity of your cosmetic product "Home" with the legislation in force. We remind you that pure lime water is a corrosive product (see usage precautions) to keep absolutely out of reach of children. In case of addition of essential oils to the coating formulas, do not use to clean mucous membranes or sensitive parts such as the proximity of the eyes.


Learn more about the brand Le Droguerie Ecoologique
Created by Ecodis, Ecologic Drugs is a French brand specializing in the manufacture of everyday products for simplified use. The brand is distinguished by the culture of the spirit of creativity to allow its consumers to customize accessories and maintenance products. Certified ECOCERT, FSC and AB, each product has been designed to have a minimum impact on the environment and nature.

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Lime water - 1 liter - La Droguerie Ecologique

Lime water is mainly used to cleanse and protect the infant's skin. It is a well-known traditional drugstore product for the manufacture of liniment (oleo-limestone) for babies or make-up remover. It can also be used to make frescoes on fresh lime plaster or to add limestone to aquarium corals. 1 liter bottle.

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