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Green arcade raw illite crushed - 3 kg - Argiletz - View 1

Green arcade raw illite crushed - 3 kg - Argiletz

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L’crushed clay is a raw clay 2 cm irregular pieces. ♪ cataplasm or Emplish, crushed green clay pieces offer you real comfort and effectively relieve your body.

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argile verte illiteThe use of clay is very old, probably for millennia, by all civilizations. Thegreen clay remains the best known of all clays. These fabulous absorbent and adsorbent properties are very sought after.

Green clay may be used in internal or external use. We will limit ourselves to its cosmetic use to maintain your skin or relieve daily pain but you will find many books to enrich your knowledge of the subject.

Easy to use and inexpensive, green clay can purify, clean, tone and soften any type of skin.
The green clay is remineralizing, regenerating fragile and Revitalizing. It is very powerful and of all clays, it is the most versatile.

The crushed green clay must be in contact with water for 2 hours to melt before application. It will then be placed either directly on the epidermis, or with the help of a linen. The duration of its application will be 1 to 2 hours or all night for some people, provided that it retains its initial humidity (with plastic film for example).
argile concassée


The + of this crushed green clay
+ Soothing action on the body and skin
+ Its crushed granulometry is ideal for making amplish and relieving joints.
+ Rich in minerals and trace elements
+ anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antalgic, anti-mycosic, pest control, healing and anti-hemorrhagic, with adsorbent and covering power, anti-serotonin.
+ Allows to soothe joint or muscular pain, curbs, sunburns, injuries and light burns, etc.
+ Allows to resorb contusions, turkeys, hematomas, scares, oedemas, etc.
+ Product respecting the nature quality charter Argiletz


- To prepare the green clay, you must not use metal. Prefer instead a wooden spatula and a glass cup for example.
- The clay is not reusable, you have to throw it after use.
- Do not let the clay dry on the skin, re-humidifying if necessary.


Instructions for use

Preparation of the dough: Pour the necessary amount of green clay crushed in a large salad bowl, then cover with water from source or sea (2 cm above the pieces). Leave the clay time to absorb water for 2 hours. Mix to get a smooth paste, then apply and leave to pose for 1 to 2 hours, or even during the entire night, provided you cover it with a plastic film to keep its initial humidity.

Preparation of a stack: Apply 1 to 2 cm of clay directly to the sensitive area and allow for 1 to 2 hours.

Preparation of a cataplasm: Place 2 cm of green clay paste on a fine linen. fold the four corners. Apply this stack directly to the desired location. Fix it with a tape.

Charter quality nature Argiletz

  • 100% natural
  • Sundry Guarantee
  • Without ionization
  • Not tested on animals


Uses of green clay: Amplish, cataplasm.

Against the acne:make a thick cataplasm using a clay paste on targeted areas every day for 5 minutes. You can complete this use with a complete mask for 15 minutes, once a week.

Against the oily skin:make a clay paste to apply directly to the masked skin once a week for 15 minutes. You can add to your preparation 2 drops of essential oil of Tea Tree.

Against rheumatism:apply a hot clay cataplasm on painful areas. You can renew this application every evening until further improvement. If the area is inflated and ignited, prefer a cold clay cataplasm.

Against a wound or a burn:Place a compress on the affected area and apply a thick cold cataplasm about 2 to 3 cm. After 1 hour of laying, wash cleanly then renew the cataplasm 2 to 3 times a day.


Conservation:The clay has no expiry date. However, it should be stored in the best conditions: Dry and safe from light. Spit the gel. Afgin to recharge it in active principles, it is advisable to expose the amount of clay that one wishes to use a few hours in the sun before use.

Its composition:Illite Green Argile 100%, natural source of minerals.


Note:the practice of medicinal clay requires precautions of employment and cannot be substituted in any case for the requirements of the medical body. Do not forget to consult your doctor and consult with your pharmacist.


En savoir plus sur la marque ArgiletzAbout the brand Argiletz
Precious earth rich in trace elements, it is with natural illite green clay that the laboratory Argiletz has for more than 50 years been committed to making known the remarkable virtues of the clay. Clay is a marvel for the skin. Laboratories Argiletz have selected a whole range of clays to find the clay that best suits you to enjoy the benefits of its application in beauty mask.

Made from green, white, red, pink or yellow clay, 100% natural, products Argiletz use natural and organic ingredients and are mostly Cosmebio certified by Ecocert.

With his expertise, Argiletz offers high quality products that are subject to rigorous scientific tests and controls. The clays used are naturally dried in the sun and do not undergo ionization processes.

Products Argiletz are guaranteed without preservative, without coloring or synthetic fragrance and without petrochemical ingredients. They are not tested on animals.

3 kg
Skin type
Mixed to fat
Skin type
Normal to dry
Green clay
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BRIAND Gérard.


J'ai trouvé du soulagement au niveau de mon articulation du pied.

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Argile de belle qualité.



Cette argile est de très bonne qualité et le conditionnement est pratique. Je recommande.



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Argile de bonne qualité. M'a permis de résorber efficacement des douleurs articulaires en faisant des cataplasmes


Argile concassée

Format 3kg très pratique. L'argile est vraiment miraculeuse pour pleins d'applications. Je recommande vivement ce produit.

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Green arcade raw illite crushed - 3 kg - Argiletz

L’crushed clay is a raw clay 2 cm irregular pieces. ♪ cataplasm or Emplish, crushed green clay pieces offer you real comfort and effectively relieve your body.

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