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Soothing joint pat – green clay + Harpagophytum – 300g – Argiletz

Soothing joint pat – green clay + Harpagophytum – 300 gr – Argiletz

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This soothing joint paste with green clay and herpagophytum bio extracts, aloe vera and queen of the meadows, will relieve sensitive joints. 300 gr tube.

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After a certain age, bone demineralization cannot be escaped. It is a natural phenomenon. The joints are less mobile, less lubricated, painful.... Following various efforts, your joints can become less flexible.

Rich in harpagophytum (daughter of the devil) green clay, in Queen of Prep and aloe vera, this soothing joint pulp effectively relieves your sensitive joints. A real condensed of natural assets only for your joint pain.

This dough naturally improves the flexibility of your joints and brings you real comfort in all your daily movements.

The main assets of this joint paste
- Green clay: long known for its beneficial effects against joint pain. It is recommended in the case of osteoarthritis. The green clay remineralizes the "ruled" joint and prevents its wear.

- The Queen of Prens : The flowery sommities of this plant contain flavonoids (spirein, heliotropine) and other salycillated derivatives ( salicylic acid), recognized for their beneficial effects on painful joint manifestations.

- Aloe Vera : Provides flexibility to joints in addition to providing nutrients.

- Harpagophytum: Herpagophytum roots are rich in glucoiridoids, herdpagoside and procumbide, with undeniable anti-inflammatory and analgesic (anti-pain). This plant is often used by athletes to treat joint and muscle pain. By improving the flexibility of the joints, the herpagophytum gives your joints all the flexibility they need.

Instructions for use
This joint paste can be used in two ways: either in a stack or in a cataplasm.

Emplish : apply the thick layer joint dough directly on the sensitive joints: let work 1-2h.

Cataplasm : apply the dough using a fine linen, place in the centre of the linen the joint dough on 2 cm thick, fold the 4 corners, place this stack directly on the desired place. This application is recommended daily for a minimum of three months. In both cases, remove the maximum clay and rinse with warm water.

Packaging: 300 gr

Composition INCI
Illite, aloe vera extract°, spiraea ulmaria extract°, harpagophytum procumbens extract°, citric acid, sodium benzoate, benzyl alcohol.
°Ingredient from organic farming

99.3% of the total ingredients are of natural origin
39% of total ingredients are from organic farming


Find our complete dossier on the benefits of clay

En savoir plus sur la marque ArgiletzAbout the brand Argiletz
Precious earth rich in trace elements, it is with natural illite green clay that the laboratory Argiletz has for more than 50 years been committed to making known the remarkable virtues of the clay. Clay is a marvel for the skin. Laboratories Argiletz have selected a whole range of clays to find the clay that best suits you to enjoy the benefits of its application in beauty mask.

Made from green, white, red, pink or yellow clay, 100% natural, products Argiletz use natural and organic ingredients and are mostly Cosmebio certified by Ecocert.

With his expertise, Argiletz offers high quality products that are subject to rigorous scientific tests and controls. The clays used are naturally dried in the sun and do not undergo ionization processes.

Products Argiletz are guaranteed without preservative, without coloring or synthetic fragrance and without petrochemical ingredients. They are not tested on animals.

300 gr
Aloe vera
Queen of Prep
Green clay

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pate articulations

Très efficace. Utilisé en cataplasme sur mes douleurs articulaires


Très contente

Je l'apprécie énormément. C'est le 2e que j'utilise, c'est très efficace.

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Soothing joint pat – green clay + Harpagophytum – 300 gr – Argiletz

This soothing joint paste with green clay and herpagophytum bio extracts, aloe vera and queen of the meadows, will relieve sensitive joints. 300 gr tube.

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