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Reduced price Ultra-ventilated rose slab – 200 gr – Argiletz

Ultra-ventilated pink rim - sensitive skin - 200 gr - Argiletz

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The Argile rose ultra ventilatedArgiletz is recommended for sensitive skin. It can be used both for the face, hair or even bath. The kaolinite pink clay is ultra soft, neutral, used for its softening properties. Bag of 200 gr.

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Pink clay: Take care of the most delicate skins!

Application d'un masque à l'argile rose
The use of clay is very old, probably for millennia. We find traces of its use in the Egyptians, the Chinese, the Greeks, the Romans... Little by little neglected over the centuries, the clay regained its place thanks to some naturopaths who successfully used it to cure certain ills.

The pink clay is a subtle blend of 2 ultra soft clays (red and white). It thus accumulates the benefits of these two types of clay. It is composed of hydrated aluminum silicate and iron oxide. Its lamellar structure gives it good absorbent and covering properties. It takes care of the most delicate skins with infinite softness. Both emollient and neutral, the pink clay respects the pH of the epidermis, delicately refines the grain of the skin to bring it a rare softness and reveals its natural brilliance.

Rich in trace elements, it is one of the most effective clays in the process of regeneration of epidermis cells.The pink clay is recommended for dull, reactive, sensitive and fragile skins. An ingredient of choice for the realization of a facial beauty mask, hair care or a relaxing session in a hot bath. Good mine.

argile blanche ultra ventilée
Beauty masks with pink clay
One of the cosmetic uses of pink clay is as a mask. It is the ideal clay to erase the rusty complexion. Used once a week, a pink clay mask softens the skin, moisturizes it and brings it the minerals it needs. Its use is very simple since it is enough to mix 2 to 3 tablespoons of clay with a little mineral or floral water, let rest for a few moments and stir the whole with a wooden spatula. Your mask is then ready. You can also use it as a beauty mask for your skin or as a revitalizing mask for your hair. The properties on the skin are multiple: Cleaning and purifying, Absorbent and maturing, Repair, Good mine and toning, Very soft


Pink clay for a soft bath
In addition to its very fine granulometry, the ultra-ventilated pink clay is perfect for use in a bath. It will soothe dry skin and promote blood circulation. Dilute a bag of 200 gr of pink clay in your bath. You can add a few drops of essential oils of your choice. Relax for 20 minutes. Rinse with clear water. Your skin regains flexibility and extreme softness.

argile rose


Pink clay for your hair
The pink clay is also very popular to treat the hair. It is known to absorb excess sebum and impurities. It is suitable for dry, thin and dull hair. It also fights against hair loss. To revitalize the scalp, hair masks are recommended once a week. In the same way as a face mask, you mix clay and mineral water equally to obtain a smooth dough. It is possible to replace water with a hydrolat of flowers or plants. To complete the benefits of the hair mask, don't hesitate to add a few drops of essential oils depending on the problems you want to treat.

For dry hair, prefer lavender. For fatty hair, choose the lemon. Put the mask on the hair from roots to tips. Leave 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly before making a soft shampoo.


Its composition: Natural compound of Kaolin, 100% pink clay. Rich in minerals and trace elements.


Precaution of employment:Always use a wooden spatula for preparation, as the metal can interact with the ions of the clay and modify its properties. Use a glass container and not metal or plastic. Never let the clay dry on the skin. Do not throw used clay into the pipes under pain of butchers.


En savoir plus sur la marque ArgiletzAbout the brand Argiletz
Precious earth rich in trace elements, it is with natural illite green clay that the laboratory Argiletz has for more than 50 years been committed to making known the remarkable virtues of the clay. Clay is a marvel for the skin. Laboratories Argiletz have selected a whole range of clays to find the clay that best suits you to enjoy the benefits of its application in beauty mask.

Made from green, white, red, pink or yellow clay, 100% natural, products Argiletz use natural and organic ingredients and are mostly Cosmebio certified by Ecocert.

With his expertise, Argiletz offers high quality products that are subject to rigorous scientific tests and controls. The clays used are naturally dried in the sun and do not undergo ionization processes.

Products Argiletz are guaranteed without preservative, without coloring or synthetic fragrance and without petrochemical ingredients. They are not tested on animals.

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Ultra-ventilated pink rim - sensitive skin - 200 gr - Argiletz

The Argile rose ultra ventilatedArgiletz is recommended for sensitive skin. It can be used both for the face, hair or even bath. The kaolinite pink clay is ultra soft, neutral, used for its softening properties. Bag of 200 gr.

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