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Talc powder - 300 gr - anaea

Talc powder - 300 gr - anaea

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The Talc in Powder Anaé is 100% natural, without perfume or adjuvant. It is particularly suitable for the hygiene and daily care of the baby and adult. Very soft texture and excellent absorbent qualities. Pot of 300 gr.

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Utiliser le talc dans son quotidien

Known since antiquity as the most tender mineral existing. it is extracted today from the career of luzenac in france. talc is a finely brominated inorganic compound made of minerals, in particular magnesium silicate, hydrogen and oxygen. Since it is capable of absorbing water, it is used as drying and against irritation.

If the talc has always been used in cosmetics and toilets, it is above all for its strong absorbing and maturing power. talc has the advantage of being a cheap, odorless, white and inert raw material, that is, mixed with other ingredients, it does not interfere with them. it is also a product that can be kept very long, that can be used at any age and for which there is no contraindications.

The powder talc for anaeae baby is 100% natural, without perfume or adjuvant and cosmetic quality. It is particularly suitable for the hygiene and daily care of the baby and adult.

Specially adapted to the daily baby toilet and adult care, the talc has a very soft texture and absorbent qualities. thanks to its softening action, it protects the skin from redness and irritation and calms itching. it can also be used to absorb excess sweat from the feet.

But if you think its use is limited to baby buttocks and gymnastics, it's not true! its uses can be multiple, both in your daily home and in home hygiene.

Carrière de talc de Trimouns à Luzenac

Origin and extraction of this talc
Talc anaé comes from one of the world's largest talc careers: the career of trimouns to luzenac in the Pyrenees. It is an open-air career located at 1800 m of altitude founded in 1905 that produces 400,000 tons of talc per year. the field of trimouns formed 300 million years ago in a fault between two rocky masses, one composed mainly of micaschists and the other of dolomies. in this fault, the rock was crushed by the pressure of the two masses, thus allowing water infiltration heavily charged with magnesium.

This magnesium was linked to the dolomies to form the magnesium silicate: that is, the talc. in the same way, the micaschists turned into chlorite.

It will be necessary to wait until the beginning of the 19th century for a handicraft collection to be organized in the collar of trimouns. white, soft and soft rock is crushed in flour mills. the collected powder is sent to Toulouse to be sold to the droguists and apothicaires. Until 1860 this trade was made on the back of the mule (there was between the quarry and the village 15 kms and 1000 m of denial), and in 1888 the exploitation was organized; We use beef carts.

It is the development of the ariège stationery that triggers the industrial era for luzenac. The arrival of the railway in the valley in 1888 and the installation of the first air transport in 1903 favoured the development of the company.

This career employs 310 permanent and 110 seasonal employees. Due to its geographical location, the activity of the career is seasonal from April to November, but the factory is running all year round with the raw material stored during the good season.

The benefits of this talc
+talc 100% natural from a French career
+ ideal for baby skin
+ many possible uses
+ without adjuvant, without perfume and cosmetic quality
+ recycled cardboard packaging
+ low carbon index (130gr co2)

User advice
The finished toilet, dry carefully and talk the buttocks, armpits and all folds of the body sensitive to irritation and warming. has the application, keep away from the child's eyes, mouth and nose.

Utiliser le talc dans son quotidien

Other possible uses of talc
Talc uses do not stop there and can be many.

EliminateThe sweat:When using your deodorant, don’t forget to put a bit of talc over it to absorb the perspiration and thus extend its duration of action.

Makeup:To have a bee eye, sprinkle your talc eyelashes after applying your mascara. you can also replace your usual powder with this product to get a mat finish. Apply it in the same way as you did with compact powder.

Wash fat hair:If you have fatty hair, use talc as a dry shampoo. sprinkle your talc roots, allow for a few minutes and brush your hair to remove residues.

Dry shampoo:Sprinkle talc on the root of your hair with a powder brush. wait a few minutes before brushing your hair to remove residues. as it can be used as a dry shampoo, the talc can serve you to wash your soap-free cat (and without needing to wet it). He'll appreciate it !

Wax:For a soft skin and protected from irritation, rub it with talc before each hair removal. This operation will allow the hair to easily cling to the wax thanks to the absorbent power of the talc.

Remove the sand from your feet:After a day at the beach, pour talc on your feet to make the sand that has been embedded easily.

Filter rubber gloves:Very thin rubber gloves that are used to make the household or in certain occupations can be difficult to bond. To help, put a little talc in the hollow of your hand and rub your hands as if you wash them to spread the talc everywhere, from wrist to fingertips. the glove will then slip very easily and you will not have the unpleasant feel of the glove glues to the skin.

Clean the dog’s coat:To easily clean the coat of your everything, just sprinkle it with talc, massage it and brush it.

Detangling jewelry:A needle, talc and a little dexterity will allow you to unravel your collars into a handflower.

Keep awayAnts:Nothing like talc to prevent ants from sinking your work plan or sensitive corners of your home. Sprinkle talc under your doors and sensitive places to remove ants from your entrances.

Utiliser le talc pour des cils plus longs

Against aphids:Sprinkle your talc plants, it will asphyxiate the aphids.

Remove a stain of fat:To remove a greasy spot on a garment, think to sprinkle the salie area with talc, wait an hour before scrubbing it with a brush or a dry cloth. You can also degranate playing cards that have become sticky to being hand-held.

Remove traces of mould:Thanks to its absorbent qualities, the talc is also an effective weapon against mould, especially on cardboard and paper. If you find old books that have developed a little mould in the corners, you can save them with talc! First let the book dry in the open air, then sprinkle with talc. Allow to place at least 10 minutes before gently remove the talc using a brush. The task will not be completely gone, but the smell and the risk that the mould spread will indeed have disappeared !

Prevent the cracking of the parquet:To prevent your parquet or stairs from climbing when you walk on it, pour talc between the joints. and if you rub the edges of a drawer with talc, it can slide again without hook.

For a clean fur:Sprinkle your talc fur and let pose for a whole night. the next day, shake the fur to remove the powder, then brush with a soft brush.

For a linen without moisture:Place a small plate of talc in your wardrobe, it will prevent your laundry from having a smell of moisture.

Technical characteristics of this talc
- Inodore
- ph around 9
- relative density: 2.58-2.83
- melting point: 1300°C
- decomposition temperature: ✱1000°C
- period after opening (pao): 15 months

Dimensions:208 mm x 120 mm

Accédez à notre dossier sur l'utilisation et l'emploi de l'insecticide 4J

Its composition :Hydrated magnesium silicate: between 60% and 100%
Chlorite: between 10% and 30%

Conditioning : Printed tube of 300 grs with powder lid.

Employment precautions : Keep children out of reach. store safe from moisture.

300 gr
What you need for:
What you need for:
Longer eyelashes
What you need for:
Shampoo dry express
Ideal for

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Talc powder - 300 gr - anaea

The Talc in Powder Anaé is 100% natural, without perfume or adjuvant. It is particularly suitable for the hygiene and daily care of the baby and adult. Very soft texture and excellent absorbent qualities. Pot of 300 gr.

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