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Diffuser by capillarity natural rattan rods - Penntybio

Diffuser by capillarity natural rattan rods - Penntybio

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This is broadcaster Sprays by capillarity by adding ready-to-use compositions, essential oils or fragrances, mixed with alcohol. You can customize the atmosphere of the room according to the selected fragrance.

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Diffuseur par capillarité Penntybio

Discover the easiest mode of diffusion that exists and probably the most reliable: by capillarity. Natural rattan stems embody the fragrance contained in the vase and diffuse a soft, light and constant scent by capillary rise. the rattan rods will absorb the liquid in the way of a sponge. the liquid rises in the stems through their furrows and then evaporates in contact with the air. It is therefore a passive diffusion to cold.

Elegant and discreet, this diffuser composed of a thick glass vase, a holed capsule, a shutter and a fagot of 6 natural rattan rods is ideal for scenting your interior. a bedroom, an office, an entrance, a toilet, a bathroom. Move it or you wish. no constraint since it is completely autonomous and requires no electrical connections. This mode of diffusion is made on a smaller spectrum than an electric diffuser. The smell is light and discreet: perfect on the desk at work, to enjoy the good smell without disturbing the neighbors!

You want to diffuse a sweet fragrance over the long term, facilitate concentration and promote the working atmosphere, refresh and clean up the ambient air, customize the atmosphere of a room (convivality, freshness, aphrodisiac, Christmas atmosphere. etc., embellish your piece with a sober and elegant decoration object? this diffuser will fill all these uses.

The shutter cap allows you to extend the use. If you don't want to spread for a while, then it's very simple to remove the rattan rods and close the vase using the shutter.

Without the necessary power supply, this diffuser by capillarity is really very simple to use. Slide wooden sticks into the glass bottle previously filled with your mixture. the bottle is equipped with a holed cap, to close if necessary between each use to preserve the aromas of oils. The diffusion of essential oils is naturally and constant, by absorption and capillarity.


The advantages of the diffuser by capillarity
+ no flame, no heat : Unlike candles, the diffuser does not produce a flame. this alternative to candles allows safe use.

+ Light, small format, easy to use

+ discreet, elegant and functional: In addition to perfume, this diffuser will give a decorative touch to your interior

+ no maintenance

+ 100% natural rattan, not bleached or coloured

+ non-stop diffusion :The diffuser by capillarity diffuses its perfume permanently. it is simply recommended to return the stems once a week.

+ no smoke : Despite the popularity of incense, its smoke remains harmful to health. the diffuser used with natural compositions does not emit any harmful substances.

+ no wax, no residue

+ no aerosol : Unlike pressure sprays, this type of diffuser does not have chemical compounds.

+ no energy consumption: You can place your stalk spreader anywhere without having to plug it.

+ no heat :This is a cold diffusion. We know that heating essential oils deteriorates their virtues. thanks to this rod diffuser, you keep and benefit from all their properties


Diffuseur par capillarité Penntybio

What can we broadcast ?
This diffuser allows you to diffuse essential oils, fragrances or your own compositions mixed with a base (plant oil or alcohol+water). its diffusion is slow and extends to complete evaporation of the fragrance.


I compose my own mixture
The first criterion will be to develop a fragrance compatible with this diffusion process, that is, sufficiently volatile to be able to evaporate without resort to a source of heat (such as a candle) or a mechanical propulsion (such as a spray). perfumes that contain little or no volatile components are difficult to adapt to this diffusion process.

The second criterion will be the perfume concentration. for correct performance, a concentration greater than 10% is required.

Diffusion time is not necessarily a quality criterion. Indeed, it is directly related to the number and length of the proposed rattan rods with the diffuser. The more numerous and long the stems will be, the faster the consumption and the intense diffusion. The quality is therefore there since the fragrance is very well diffused. However, if you want to take advantage of your diffuser longer, just remove a few stems. diffusion will then be less intense but longer.

The duration will also depend on the alcohol level. The higher the evaporation, the faster the evaporation will be, but the lesser the evaporation (for regulatory reasons in some countries, in particular) the volatility of the mixture will become poor, the duration will certainly be extended, but at the expense of the power of diffusion.

In conclusion, it can be said that the good quality parameters are: a scent adapted to the support, in sufficient quantity in a preferably water-free mixture, with enough stems to ensure a satisfactory diffusion that can be slowed down as desired by removing or, on the contrary, accelerating by returning them more often.


To make your own diffuser composition, nothing simpler: count 80% to 90% base perfume in which you add 10 to 20% of an essential oil or fragrance of your choice.

Je fabrique mon mélange parfum pour diffuseur à capillarité

80 to 90% base perfume
What is this base? You have a choice.

1 - The most effective will be the use of vegetable oil carriers such as sweet almond, grape or carthame seeds, for example. This oil will help to "dilute" the essential oils you choose to use and mitigate the too powerful smell of essential oils. The base oil will also carry your essential oils along the rattan rods so that they can spread in the air. without the basic oil, diffusion would be too oppressive. The thinner an oil, the more it will be sucked by your sticks.

2 - the second solution to prepare this perfume base is the use of natural alcohol to 70%:Alcohol an excellent solvent for aromatic raw materials (essential, absolute, natural fragrances). It is a vegetal medium that allows to diffuse cold scents by capillarity. it promotes evaporation and diffusion of the effluves of the composition through the piece. Do not forget to dilute alcohol with a little water (about 60ml of water for a teaspoon of alcohol). The mixture of water and alcohol will evaporate more quickly than a carrier oil and will need to be recovered more often.

10 to 20% essential oil or fragrance suitable for diffusion
It is this part of the composition that you will feel spreading in your interior. There are many possibilities. Start by choosing one of your favorite perfumes. However, if you are not fixed, the peppermint is a bit the pass around fragrances of atmosphere. but you can use almost any essential oil, from the moment it is an oil that is not counter-indicated for diffusion. Here are some ideas of oil mixtures for diffuser by capillarity:

For reminder: 1 ml of essential oil equals about 35 drops.

- for a relaxing atmosphere: 2 ml of essential oil of lemon + 2 ml of essential oil of grapefruit + 1 ml of essential oil of mandarin

- to promote sleep: 2.5 ml of essential oil of marjolaine with shells + 2.5 ml of essential oil of mandarin

- for a fresh smell: 2 ml of radiated eucalyptus essential oil + 2 ml of green mandarin essential oil + 1 ml of essential pine sylvestre oil

- as anti-moustic: 2.5 ml of essential oil of geranium bourbon + 2.5 ml of lemon essential oil

With experience, you can experience your set of essential oils to create a custom atmosphere !


User advice
Pour the scented composition inside the vase, dive the stems into the composition then remove them, return them and dive them again in the vase after an hour. stir the stems and return them regularly to promote diffusion. you should start to feel the essential oils after one day or two. As soon as you find that the scent of your perfume is too low, just turn the sticks around once a week. for rattan rods: instead of all press them against the same side of the edge, have them in a fan to better diffuse the fragrance.

Slowly change the contents of the diffuser once a week so that the products remain well mixed. If you use water and alcohol as a base, do it twice a week.

After a month or two, it is possible that the fragrance of essential oils becomes less strong, even if you regularly return the stems. Then look at the amount of liquid remaining in the container. replace the evaporated volume by always respecting the proportions of 80% or 90% carrier oil for 10% or 20% essential oil. If you use water and alcohol, you may need to replace the mixture more frequently. Always use 85% water and alcohol for 15% essential oil.

Many parameters can act on the rapidity of evaporation: a radiator or a close ventilation, the sun’s rays, an air conditioning that drys the ambient air, a current of air etc. the bottle is equipped with a cap with shutter, to close if necessary between each use to preserve the aromas of the composition and avoid too fast evaporation.


The info +
We recommend to dedicate each batch of stems to a precise composition to avoid odor mixtures. However, if you want to bring a little originality to your compositions you can use the same hair stem, knowing that odors can mix. after several uses your rattan rods will surely be saturated and will no longer broadcast as well as at the beginning. we advise you to change them at that time by new stems.

Make your perfume in advance. At first, have fun by testing several mixtures of essential oils, until you find 1 or 2 fragrances that make you spit. So you will be able to prepare your fragrances in greater quantity and keep them in hermetic bocals. a time saving at every recharge !

To clean: wash the vase in hot soapy water by rubbing the walls with a pin. Let dry in the air.


Technical characteristics 
-Diffusion mode: capillarity
- height of the glass bottle :85 mm
- glass bottle diameter:55 mm
- natural rattan stick length: 180 mm
-Weight of the whole: about 140 grams
-Transparent glass bottle with a capacity of 100 ml
-Volumetric power of diffusion: 1 to 5 m2
-Electric consumption: none
-Materials: Glass bottle, plastic shutter and wooden rods in natural rattan


Employment precautions
This diffuser by capillarity is reserved for the use of pure essential oils, therefore to be carefully manipulated. manipulated by adults only and kept out of reach of children. not swallow. in case of direct contact of essential oils with the skin, wash thoroughly with water and soap. in case of irritation or skin rash, consult a doctor. Keep away from heat and light.

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Diffuser by capillarity natural rattan rods - Penntybio

This is broadcaster Sprays by capillarity by adding ready-to-use compositions, essential oils or fragrances, mixed with alcohol. You can customize the atmosphere of the room according to the selected fragrance.

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