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Our organic soaps

Marseille soap, Aleppo soap, cold soap, donkey soap, black soap for the body or classic soap. Choose the soap that suits you!

Our organic natural soaps are made according to a cold saponification process. They hold many properties because they are composed of fats such as oils or vegetable butter. Some organic soaps also contain essential oils to address different concerns. Indeed, you may want to treat certain concerns in your body or skin, and our certified organic soaps can help you in this process. Our organic soaps can therefore be used as a true natural organic beauty treatment. And in the form of organic soap, you will find them in the form of cube, bread or liquid.

Since each skin (vising and body) is different, it is important to select a bio soap that will adapt to the desired benefit: hydration, purification, protection.. For example, donkey milk or goat milk soaps have regenerating and nourishing properties and are perfectly suited to problem skins (acne) or atopic skins (eczema, psioriasis). Essential oils of tea tree or lavender can be added as they have antibacterial properties totally adapted to fight against buttons located on the face or upper body. Surgras soaps are suitable if you frequently see the appearance of redness on your skin, or if you simply have dry and sensitive skin. The organic supergras soap has the advantage of hydrate thanks to the nutrient agents included in vegetable oils (e.g. soft almond) or shea butter. Other organic vegetable oils with antiseptic properties such as snow oil can be added to the composition of the soap.

All our soaps are certified organic and formulated from plant or flower extracts. For cleaning and moisturizing your skin while leaving a protective hydrolipidic film.


Green clay and brown algae exfoliating...

The soap exfoliant with green clay and brown algae stimulates and tones the skin, eliminates dead cells, activates circulation and helps refine the silhouette. 100 grs soap.
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