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Our organic toothpastes

Toothbrush with good toothpaste is essential to preserve your oral hygiene. Require organic toothpaste that respects your teeth and the environment. Find here a wide selection of organic toothpaste. Organic toothpastes made of natural products unlike conventional toothpastes. Organic toothpastes do not have foaming, thickening agents or artificial aromas. On the contrary, they hold harmless natural agents for teeth and your health.

And for an ever cooler breath, we obviously have mint toothpastes. The mint will give you a sensation of freshness and provides protection to your mouth and teeth because the mint is an antibacterial plant. Other perfumes also available, such as lemon, sage, tangerine ... Our organic toothpastes are available in paste, solid, powder and even in the form of watermelon. To each one his toothpaste:)

Children also have their own natural and organic tube toothpaste. Since children generally prefer fruity and sweet tastes, find organic child toothpaste with red fruit, raspberry, strawberry and soft mint to protect their teeth.

Also discover our bioplastic toothbrushes or interchangeable heads.

Whether you want to buy a toothpaste to fight tartar and caries, protect your gums and email, clean your teeth, relieve irritated and sensitive gums, we refer to several products including toothpaste that will meet your different needs in terms of oral hygiene. Rejected in question for some years, fluorine remains an effective ingredient against caries, provided that the dosage included in the toothpaste is adapted to your age. So you also have the choice between toothpaste with or without fluorine.

All the toothpastes you will find on our site are certified in organic certification (BDIH or Cosmos Organic).


Adult toothbrush made from bioplastic

Behind these colorful toothbrushes , there is an overall concept of sustainable oral care products that conserve resources. The bioplastic used is made from wood residues. 4 colors to choose from.
In stock

Children's toothbrush made from bioplastic

Combining both design and ecology, this children's toothbrush offers all the features necessary for gentle brushing. Design validated by professionals: small head, flexible bristles and tilted...
In stock