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Attagen of carpets

Our products against carpet attagens

The attagenus is a small insect that, once you enter your accommodation, can do significant damage, especially in your clothing closets. In nature, it feeds on dried plant and animal materials. In your home, it feeds on various textile products such as woollens and certain synthetic fibers, cereal products and dry pet food. Give me a tip!

Discover our natural products to fight the carpet attagens.

Accédez au dossier sur les attagènes des tapis

Attagen of carpets

4J Plant Pyrethrum Insecticide Concentrate...

4J insecticide concentrate to dilute. Effective against a large number of crawling and flying insects in our homes. Bottles of 125,...
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4J insecticide diluted 5% - All insects -...

4J insecticide diluted at 5% ready to use. With this concentration, you will destroy most flying or crawling insects very quickly....
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Diatomaceous earth – Kieselguhr Celatom -...

Diatomaceous earth (also called Kieselguhr Celatom) is a completely ecological and natural insecticide that helps fight against...
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Fogger Habitat with plant-based active...

This is fogger composed of plant-based assets is intended for the background treatment of the habitat in case of infestation by mites,...
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