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Make your cosmetics (DIY)

Make your cosmetics (DIY)

The term DIY means “Do It Yourself” and here characterizes homemade cosmetic products, that is to say those that you make yourself from a recipe and a few natural ingredients.

Have you thought about making your own natural cosmetics ? Shampoo, shower gel, face cream, lip balm, deodorant, toothpaste, scrub... There is no shortage of ideas! Doing it yourself means making sure you know the composition well, avoiding conventional chemicals, reducing the cost, but it's also much more respectful for the planet and your health. To support you in your desire to make your own daily hygiene and beauty products, we offer basic ingredients illustrated by simple, easy and economical recipes.

Not only does DIY homemade cosmetics reduce waste in the bathroom and save money, but it is also an excellent lever for preserving our health and the planet! Thanks to vegetable oils known for their many properties (especially coconut oil) and a few drops of cosmetic essential oils, it is possible to take care of the beauty of all types of skin and hair.

In line with slow cosmetics and more responsible consumption, natural cosmetics make it possible to consume less and better. Get started !

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Make your cosmetics (DIY)

Pump bottle 300 ml

Make your own liquid soap, body milk, moisturizer, shower gel or shampoo and use this bottle with a pump for daily use. The pump allows for the right dosage of the distribution, without making a...

DIY cosmetic accessories kit

This accessory kit contains everything you need to start home cosmetics. Thanks to it, you can easily and accurately carry out all your cosmetic preparations.
Out of stock

Vitamin E for cosmetics - 10 ml

This product was definitely stopped by the manufacturer. We will therefore no longer have it for sale. Sorry about that bad news. Vitamin E is recognized as a major antioxidant. It slows...
Out of stock

DIY preservative for cosmetics - 30 ml

This preservative of natural origin is the essential ingredient: it protects and prevents the development of bacteria, yeasts, molds in cosmetic products containing water. 30ml bottle.

Neutral liquid soap - 1 litre

This Anaé neutral cleansing base can be used as is or personalized according to your desires with an essential oil or glycerin. Shower gel, hand wash, liquid soap... personalized according to the...

Organic hair mask base - 200 ml

This organic hair mask base has been formulated to be used as is or personalized with other active ingredients or essential oils according to your wishes. It facilitates detangling and makes the...
Out of stock

Baking soda cosmetic - 500 grs

Cosmetic grade baking soda is ideal for making your own cosmetics and offers multiple uses for hygiene and care for the whole family: relaxing bath, toothpaste substitute, deodorant. Box of 500...

Organic Camelina virgin oil - 100 ml

Anaé organic camelina oil is a quality organic vegetable oil. Recognized for its soothing properties, it is particularly suitable for making homemade cosmetics (day cream, night cream, hand...

Organic beeswax nuggets for cosmetics -...

Make your cosmetic preparations easily with this cosmetic quality organic beeswax (balms, lip sticks, deodorants, creams, soaps, candles, etc.). Appreciated for protecting, hydrating and...

Pure organic shea butter - 100 ml

Pure Organic Shea Butter from Direct Nature will provide your skin with nutrition, softness and comfort. It will also protect against external aggressions and help repair dry and/or damaged...

Activated carbon - 30 grs

Vegetable activated carbon has an excellent adsorption capacity, which in particular gives it very interesting purifying and detoxifying properties. In cosmetics, it is used as an active...

Epsom salt - 1 kg

Epsom salt is the perfect ally to bring muscle relaxation, relaxation and vitality to your skin. Its high concentration of salt and minerals will give your body the best moment of relaxation for...

Talc powder - 300 grs

Anaé Talc Powder is 100% natural, without perfume or adjuvant. It is particularly indicated for hygiene and daily care of babies and adults. Very soft texture and excellent absorbent qualities....

Rhassoul powder - 500 grs

Rhassoul is a natural mineral clay harvested in the Middle Atlas region of Morocco. It is used in cosmetics for skin and hair care. Its cleansing, absorbing and degreasing properties are...

Lime water - 1 liter

Lime water is mainly used to cleanse and protect the infant's skin. It is a well-known traditional drugstore product for the manufacture of liniment (oleo-limestone) for babies or make-up...

Roll On stick glass ball deodorant format...

This Roll-on glass bottle with a capacity of 50 ml is ideal for storing the manufacture of homemade liquid deodorants. The ball is easily removed to pour its preparation and makes it easy to...

Glass Storage Jar for Solid Cosmetics

Solid cosmetics are becoming more and more common. To make it easier for you to store them after use or to help you simply carry them wherever you want, this little glass jar will be of great...

Roll On ball holder tube -10 ml

This small bottle called a roll-on tube or roll-on is intended to receive your oily cosmetic preparations or homemade aromatherapy. It is an essential container when you make your own beauty or...

Glass dropper tube - 15 ml

This dropper tube allows you to precisely dose your liquid raw materials when making your homemade cosmetics. Equipped with a glass pipette and a waterproof cap covered with beech wood. 15ml tube.

Glass spray tube - 30 ml

Transparent glass tube equipped with a spray and a natural beech cap to make and store liquid cosmetic products: floral waters, perfumes, deodorants. 30ml spray tube.

Glass spray tube - 50 ml

Transparent glass tube equipped with a spray and natural beech cap to produce and conserve liquid cosmetic products: floral waters, fragrances, deodorants. Spray tube 50 ml.

Cream pump bottle - 100 ml

Transparent glass bottle with pump and natural beechwood stopper to make and store your fluid cosmetic preparations: milks, lotions, creams... 100 ml bottle.

Recycled glass soap dispenser - 450 ml

Make your own liquid soap and use this elegant dispenser for everyday use. The pump allows for the right dosage of the distribution, without making a mess. 250 ml glass bottle.

Glass spray bottle - 100 ml

Transparent glass bottle with spray to make and store liquid cosmetic products: floral waters, perfumes, deodorants... 100 ml bottle.

Organic vegetable coconut oil - 150 ml

Made from coconut pulp, Ladrôme Organic Coconut Oil cares for your hair and skin and gives them a soft, exotic fragrance . A 100% pure, virgin, cosmetic-quality vegetable oil with...