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How to fight the red pou?

The red pou is an acarien. The most dreadful is the Dermanyssus Gallinae. It is mainly found in poultry, poultry or poultry farms. It has been a real scourge for several years. The owners of chickens, poultry, canaries and other wigs know him well. This ectoparasite attacks by hundreds and feeds on their blood, until they create strong anemias, see the death of the animal. There are natural solutions to end the red pouch. The earth of diatoma has excellent results. But don\'t just settle for that powder. If you really want to come to an end, you\'ll have to be methodical. Cleaning and disinfection of places, insecticide treatment of the premises and animals that are infested are indispensable.


Why natural insecticides?

Ending with the red lice is one thing, but if you could also preserve your health, your chickens and your environment, would it not be better? Did you know that some conventional insecticide particles remained for several months in treated spaces? If some of these insecticides are not recommended in the presence of humans, imagine what your chickens are suffering. Unless you carefully wash each item, you will find yourself inevitably with sustainable chemicals. Opting for natural insecticides will allow both to get rid of red lice but also, by the composition of our products and their low remanence, to continue living in a healthy environment.

Read all our tips and discover all our products to naturally fight against red lice: red lice back

Red louse

Our products against red louse

The red louse is a small vampire that settles in the hens as well as in the pigeonniers. He attacks the sleeping animals at night and sucks their blood. It's making more and more damage to enthusiasts, small farms or professional livestock. Discover our insecticides, repellants and other products to protect your animals effectively, and without chemicals.

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Red louse

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