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Synergies for dissemination

Organic Synergies for Dissemination

When you mix essential oils, you will bring them into synergy. Experience has shown that the power of several oils is greater than one (union makes strength!). Combining 2 or 3 oils of neighbouring properties will create a more powerful but also different synergistic mix.

All essential oils entering these synergies we offer are 100% pure and natural guarantees.


Synergies for dissemination

Fresh air - Organic Synergie - Penntybio

The association of lemon, pine, lavender, eucalyptus and grapefruit deodorize and purify the atmosphere of bacteria. 10 ml or 30 ml...
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In the heart of Orangeraie - Organic...

This is mix of essential oils In the Heart of Orangeraie is composed of Lemon, of Sweet orange, de Mandarine and Menthe des Champs ....
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Winter Pain - Organic Synergie - Penntybio

This is mix of essential oils Winter dryer is composed of Fresh Orange and Ceylan Cinnamon. He'll have all his place in your daily life...
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Forest Excursion - Organic Synergie -...

The mix of essential oils Bio Forest excursions is an invitation to wooded and resinous scents. Composed of Eucalyptus globulus ,...
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