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The soft heat diffuser

The soft heat diffuser is a simple and totally silent way to spread your favorite essential oils. The principle? A resistance is placed in the ceramic body and maintains the temperature at a maximum of 45°C. This low-temperature regulation allows you not to decorate your essential oils and thus not to spread harmful substances to your health. The advantages of this mode of diffusion its many: totally silent (because there is no pump), no maintenance to be expected (just a little dried rag), a choice of important and very aesthetic models that make it in addition to beautiful decoration objects, diffusers perfectly adapted to small pieces (bedroom, office, etc.). Soft heat diffusers are robust and have a long life.



Light effects

Light effects


Soft heat diffuser

It's the easiest broadcaster. This goes from the simple essential oil cup placed on the radiator, to models with thermostat, passing through the candle perfume burn. Not producing No noise, so you can put it on a night table, on your desk or in all rooms with a surface less than 15 m2.

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